The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

April 23, 2013

Commodore Perry students place 1-2 in spelling bee


MERCER COUNTY — With a precise spelling of “s-u-c-c-i-n-c-t,” Keane Cropp, a sixth-grade student from Commodore Perry, claimed the title of Mercer County PSEA Spelling Bee Champion.

After 47 rounds it was the word “rancid” that put classmate, Alexander Murphy, a fifth-grade student from Commodore Perry, into the runner-up position.

About two dozen students from six Mercer County school districts participated April 3 at Sharon Middle-High School in the first annual Mercer County PSEA Spelling Bee.

Having already competed and been recognized as the top spellers in their home schools, the following fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders represented their schools: Keane, Alexander and Alan Johnston from Commodore Perry Elementary School; Luke Brahler, Laurel Hemmerlin, Michael Knafels and Alexa Nemec from Hillview Elementary School, Grove City; Alexa Doyle and Joey Grim from Lakeview Middle School and Lexis Bemis from Oakview Elementary School, Lakeview; Cole Bayless, Noah Reynolds and Tayarry Sims from Reynolds Elementary School; Blake Maurice, Justin Stanek and Makaila Sumpman from Case Avenue Elementary School, Sharon; Kyle Bottaro, Dorian Jefferson and Aaliyah Lee from C.M. Musser Elementary School, Sharon; Klaus Curde, Michelle Josa and A’Marius Lamar from West Hill Elementary School, Sharon; and Josh Bender, Andrew Chung and Lilly Wingard from Oakview Elementary School, West Middlesex.  

All participants received a medal and certificate while, Keane and Alexander each received a trophy and a Kindle reader.

The following Pennsylvania State Education Association affiliates provided funding for this year’s competition:  Commodore Perry Education Association, Grove City Education Association, Lakeview Education Association, Reynolds Education Association, Sharon Teachers Association, and West Middlesex Education Association.

When PSEA members from these districts learned that the county-wide spelling bee would no longer be privately funded, they jointly took on the task to fund the event.

Staff from the Sharon Teachers Association organized the event. Local PSEA affiliates hope to continue with and expand the program to include more school districts during next school year.