The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

March 26, 2014

Students enter most-ever inventions

The Herald

HERMITAGE — The 25th annual Invention Convention was held at Ionta Elementary School in Hermitage for fourth- and fifth-graders on Feb. 27. A record number of inventions, 182, were entered in the convention.

The students came up with inventions to help solve problems in their everyday lives. Inventions were designed to help the inventors at home or in school. Several students created inventions to help their pets and family members. Some inventions were designed with inclement weather in mind which was appropriate for the day.

The purpose of the Invention Convention is to encourage students to think creatively in order to solve everyday problems in real-life situations. Fifth-grader Ethan Cozad won first place with the Automatic Bed Maker. McKenzie Gustas, a fourth-grader, took second place with her invention, “Bye Bye Stink Bug.” Fifth-grader Rhys Miller won third place with her invention, “Success Strips.” Success strips are colorful transparent bookmarks that allow people to see more clearly since using color on the printed page helps eliminate light before it hits the retina.

The first three place winners received science books as prizes. They and those students receiving honorable mentions will be entered in the Pennsylvania Inventors’ Association Competition. Members of the local business community served as judges. Teacher Nancy Bires organized the event.

Honorable mentions:

Audrey Benton: Double-Sided Wreath Hanger

Jacob Vance: Think-o-Matic Hat

Kristen Such: Twist Jar

Christie Boren: Pocket Boots

Alison Stephens: Snow Shoe-vel

Maggie Rumelfanger: Alarm Clock Snuggie

Te’a Byrd: Solar-Powered Flat Surface Warmer

Erdem Duvarci: Collapsible Handles

Gabi Koch: Light the Way Slippers

Morgan Hall: Seat Belt Assist

Geana Caputo: G’s Stick a Bug

Cameron Colbert: Live Bait Cage

Tyler Speir: Mail a Rail

Ava Bleakney: The Souper Spoon

Nathan Boal: Egg Cracker

Brooke Barborals: Shopper Helper

Connor Lengyel: OCD Tube

Austin Airgood: Garbage Puncher

Bailee Parker: Colored Salt

Brady Robison: Safety Shoes

Chase Wilson: Guitar Wheels

Alexis Myers: Sock Suspender

Justice Thomas: Bottoms Up Storage Container

Ethan Rogers: Bag Grabber

Collin Moore: Collin’s Quick Change Curtains

Dallas Larimer: Tennis Shoulder Trainer.