The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

May 26, 2014

Grange’s WWII honor roll restored

By Carol Ann Gregg

NEW VERNON TOWNSHIP — When Lake Wilhelm and Goddard State Park were established, New Vernon Grange was required to move. During that move, the honor roll that had been in the yard of the Grange hall was taken down and put in a storage room of the new Grange hall and, over the years, forgotten.

Last winter, members of the Grange, led by Roberta Lackey, pulled the honor roll out of the cupboard and decided it was time to restore it and again honor the veterans of New Vernon Township, some who had been members of the Grange.

On Wednesday, the Grange invited local World War II veterans, family members of veterans and Grange members to a rededication of the honor roll.

Glenn Felinagle, a friend of the Grange, restored the wooden case. He put a new door on it and replaced the missing hinges and letters.

Parker Roth conducted the program where she explained the process of making sure that all of the names that were on the original honor roll were included. She spent many hours at the Mercer County Historical Society researching veterans from the Sandy Lake area.

The program ended with Roth, Lackey, Gerald Voorhies and Tom Roth presenting appropriate readings for the celebration of Memorial Day.

Four veterans listed on the honor roll are still alive.

Attending the event were veterans Bob Burrows, who served in Europe, and Harold McQuiston, who served in The Pacific. The others are Wilber Axtell and Frank Cochran.

The honor roll now hangs on the porch of New Vernon Grange where it is protected from the weather.

Others veterans honored on the display include: Barber Boyd, William Boyd, John Burrows, Art Demmel, Howard Elder, Henry Frantz, Homer Frantz, Clair Marsteller, Leo Meinsteriefel, William Meinsteriefel, Harry Nosker, Robert Nosker, Gail Patton, Kermit Patton, Wayne Patton, George Polkabla, Joseph Polkabla, Michael Polkabla, Stephen Polkabla, Cecil Safran, Richard Snyder, William Snyder, Homer Swarner, Edgar Voorhies and Roger Voorhies.

The name of Wesley Temple will be added to the list. His widow Pauline was in attendance.