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January 28, 2014

Kids in the News from Jan. 28, 2014

Herald staff

- — Students qualify for Physics Olympics

HERMITAGE – The following students have qualified for participation in the 2014 Physics Olympics competition by taking first place in the Hickory High School, Hermitage, competions. They are:

• Mousetrap racer: Justin Peidle with 8.05 meters. The purpose is to transport a 500 gram slotted mass the greatest horizontal displacement using as the sole source of propulsion the stored potential engery of a standard commercial mousetrap.

• Hot water makign project: Amanda Bartko and Andrew Bianco with 8 degrees Celsisu in 1.0546 minutes. The purpose is to heat 300 grams of water by mechanical means in such a way that the greatest change in temperature is attained in the shortest time.

Hermitage students place in Linguishtiks

HERMITAGE – The Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV sponsored a Linguishtik Academic Games Tournament for schools from Butler, Mercer, Lawrence, Venango, and Crawford counties on Dec. 4 at Slippery Rock University.

In Linguishtiks students demonstrate their knowledge of grammar by writing a sentence that illustrates specific demands such as kind of sentence, part of speech and function of that particular part of speech in the sentence. The game helps students to improve their writing, grammar and vocabulary as they formulate their sentences.

The following Hermitage School District students placed:

• High school division:

First-place team, 11/12 grade division – Jacob Hall, James Dorko, Sarah Harris (a combined team with Laurel School District).

Undefeated player, Jacob Hall, qualified for the Tri-Bowl and national tournaments. James Dorko and Sarah Harris have qualified for Tri-Bowl.

• Middle school division:

Sixth-place team, Team Lord of the Lings – Molly Piso, Kayci Flickinger, Michael Delehanty, Alysha Platteborze and Ben Branch.

Ben Branch was undefeated in three rounds of competition. He has qualified for Tri-Bowl.

Tri-Bowl will be held in March at Grove City College. The national tournament is April 25 to May 1 in Knoxville, Tenn.

Hickory High students sing at choral festival

HERMITAGE – The following Hickory High  School, Hermitage, students performed in the 2014 PMEA Distrcit 5 Choral Festival held Jan. 8-10 at Sharon High School. They are:

Olivia Schmidt, alto, chair one; Gerald Koledin, tenor one, chair three; Christopher McCown, tenor one, chair four; and Erin Hoffacker, soprano one, chair six, all qualified for regionals. Marissa Works, soprano two, chair nine, is an alternate for regionals.

Regional choir will be held Feb. 12-14 at Blackhawk High School with guest conductor Paul Head from Delaware University. A concert will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 14.

Hickory High students play in district orchestra

HERMITAGE – The following Hickory High School students participated in PMEA District Orchestra on Jan. 22-24 at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. They are:

Sophmore: Ryan Dzurinda, viola.

Juniors: Billy Blaze, cello; Rachel Haney-Myers, violin; Sarah Harris, French horn; and Rachel Mistretta, violin.

Seniors: Courtney Hull, flute; Lauren Nogay, string bass; and Erin Warren, viola.