The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

May 23, 2013

Plan for Speedway station gets nod from commissioners

By Joe Pinchot
Herald Staff Writer

HERMITAGE — Alan Baldarelli asked whether he could appeal Hermitage commissioners’ decision to approve a land-development plan for a Speedway gas station and convenience store, but did not say whether he planned to appeal.

“Any aggrieved party can appeal,” Brett W. Stedman, sitting in for regular solicitor Thomas W. Kuster, said Wednesday.

Baldarelli’s company, B&B Properties, owns the plaza property to the north of the planned Speedway location, at Morefield and South Hermitage roads. He reiterated his objections to the plan: it will cut off rear access to his property – he has a gentleman’s agreement with current property owner Jerry Chiccarino that allows access – and heavy truck traffic entering and exiting Speedway’s diesel pumps from Morefield will tie up traffic.

“With truck stops all over (Interstate) 80, do we really need that?” Baldarelli said.

“This is not a truck stop,” said Hermitage Commissioner William J. Moder III.

While large trucks will be able to get diesel at Speedway, smaller trucks and cars with diesel engines also can full up there, City Manager Gary P. Hinkson said.

Sheetz has a diesel pump at its Longview Road and South Hermitage gas station, and Hinkson said he does not see a difference between that and what Speedway is proposing.

Commissioner Rhonda L. Paglia voted against the land-development plan, citing concerns about traffic on Morefield. She said she already has noticed more trucks on Morefield, possibly from drilling companies.

“Now who’s being close-minded,” Commissioner Tim Ruffo said, referring to a comment in which Paglia criticized her colleagues for supporting a traffic light instead of a roundabout at South Hermitage, Presidential Boulevard and Michael Lane.

Ruffo, Moder, Duane J. Piccirilli and Rita L. Ferringer voted for Speedway’s plan.