The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

November 18, 2012

Pymatuning State Park awaits $9 million upgrade

By Sandy Scarmack
Herald Staff Writer


Nearly $9 million in state grant funds will help repair the aging and deteriorating dam tower at Pymatuning State Park, according to the Commonwealth Financing Authority.

The money will pay for fixing the existing control tower at the Pymatuning Dam, said Jason Baker, assistant park manager. Baker said he has not yet received official notification of the money, which he says park officials applied for earlier this year.

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources were notified in 2011 that the concrete tower was crumbling.

“We can’t say a lot until we get official notification, but that tower is nearly 80 years old and is starting to deteriorate. It needs some work so we submitted a grant,” he said.

The grant will also pay for repairs to the emergency spillway and for repaving the access road.

State Rep. Michele Brooks (R-Mercer, Crawford and Lawrence) said “this investment is great news to our area, as it will help fund overall safety enhancements to both the dam and the state park. Both the dam and park are tremendous assets to our community and it’s vital that we make enhancements to ensure public safety and promote tourism for our local economy.”

The grant, which is funded by gambling profits through the Gaming Economic Development Tourism Fund will benefit several thousand residents and area businesses.