The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

December 14, 2013

Superintendent eager to make district ‘best’

By Meghan Keely
Herald Staff Writer

WEST MIDDLESEX AREA — The newly hired superintendent of West Middlesex School District, Dr. David Foley, has a positive outlook on the potential of the district and is standing strongly beside several educational initiatives.

“We are very focused on improving academics and very interested in being the best school district in the state,” Foley said. “This district is terrific with great faculty, teachers and students. There is a lot of potential and I hope to help the district achieve greatness.”

Foley officially started his new position as superintendent on Oct. 28, leaving behind his position as assistant superintendent of Pine-Richland School District, having served four years. Prior to his Pine-Richland, he was the principal at Hillview Intermediate Center in Grove City for seven years.

“The district has small class sizes; there is great potential to improve academic programs,” Foley said.

Foley stated several of his initiatives, including using the students’ achievement data to improve learning and instruction in the classroom; thoroughly evaluating the curriculum and aligning it with academic standards; and taking an in-depth look at the current strategic plan while preparing to write the new plan.

“The faculty and students are excited to move forward, as am I,” Foley said. “I have researched the strengths and weaknesses of the district and I want to improve the district and help.”

Foley said he is open to any type of suggestions that parents and taxpayers may have in order to improve the district.

“I want open dialogue with concerns as well,” Foley said.

Foley suggests parents and taxpayers attend the monthly board meeting and anyone with concerns or suggestions can contact him at or call the school district office.