The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

January 17, 2014

1 of 2 alleged shooters pleads guilty

By Joe Pinchot
Herald Staff Writer

HERMITAGE — One of two men charged in a March 30 shooting in Hermitage has entered a guilty plea while the other remains on the trial list for this month.

Terran D. Page-Hughes, 25, of 360 Orange Drive Hermitage, pleaded guilty Monday to a charge of simple assault, and prosecutors withdrew charges including first-degree murder, aggravated assault and conspiracy.

Simple assault is a second-degree misdemeanor that carries a maximum sentence of 1 to 2 years prison.

Also charged in the case is Daniel L. Odem Jr., 22, of 1126 Washington St., Farrell. District Attorney Robert G. Kochems said Odem’s case remains on the trial list, but he didn’t know if the case would be called for trial.

Odem previously turned down a plea offer of one count of aggravated assault with no mandatory minimum sentence or deadly weapons enhancement.

Floyd Royal Jr. testified at a May preliminary hearing that he was walking to his girlfriend’s apartment in the 1400 block of Parke Drive when three men approached and asked who he was.

After some jawing between Royal and the men, one of them pulled out a gun and hit Royal in the back of the head with it. Another man punched him in the mouth, Royal said.

Royal said he was up for a fight, but didn’t want to go it alone. He went in the apartment building and recruited Teddy “Chris” Greer.

They went back outside, confronted the men and two fired revolvers. A bullet passed through Greer’s right arm.

While Royal and Greer could not positively identify their foes, another apartment resident saw the confrontation and identified Odem and Page-Hughes, police said.