The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

February 5, 2014

Don’t trash your bill; pay what you owe

By Meghan Keely
Herald Staff Writer

SHARON, FARRELL, WHEATLAND — Waste Management Inc., the company that recently took over trash-hauling for Farrell, Sharon and Wheatland, overcharged customers by mistake and local officials assure residents their rates have not risen.

“Waste Management inadvertently charged a fuel/environmental charge and a regulatory cost-recovery charge that should not be part of the bills,” said Farrell City Manager Michael Ceci.

Ceci, who noted the Waste Management contract started the first week of February, said there are “issues” with the current bills. People who paid the full bill will be credited on their next statement, he said.

“The price should be $48.69 every three months,” Ceci said. “Residents can choose to only pay the $48.69 they owe or if they have accidentally paid the full amount, there will be a credit on their next bill.”

Sharon City Manager Scott Andrejchak said the bills were erroneously generated and city residents owe only $48.69 for the quarter.

“I ask for everyone to please be patient,” Andrejchak said. “Waste Management is aware of the issue and it is being worked out on their end.

“If commercial customers have received a residential bill, do not pay that. The contract is for residential residents only,” he said.

 Sharon Stinedurf, Wheatland borough secretary, said, “The correct quarterly payment for Wheatland residents is $42.12 a quarter” and that the bills from Waste Management were erroneous.

Waste Management public relations spokeswoman Lori Caso said the next quarter’s billing will reflect the correct amounts. The company’s computer system won’t allow it to issue new bills, she said.

“The billing error was on our part and customers in Sharon and Farrell should just pay the flat-rate price where it says 96-gallon toter. This price will be listed on the invoice they received. Other charges on their bills are not applicable to them. Wheatland residents will have a different amount because their contract is different.

“Waste Management regrets any inconvenience we caused to our customers,” she said.