The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

February 18, 2014

New trash service starts to pick up

Billing problems mostly resolved, Andrejchak says

By Joe Wiercinski
Herald Staff Writer

SHARON — After a rocky start, City Manager Scott Andrejchak said he’s expecting Sharon’s relationship with a new trash hauler to settle soon into a steady routine.

The three-year contract started on the wrong foot Feb. 1 with billing problems in all three communities now served by Waste Management. The company is addressing those, Andrejchak said.

Farrell and Wheatland also have their own contracts with the company for collection of garbage and recyclable materials.

“We did get a flood of calls at first, but it has slowed to a trickle,” Andrejchak said. “We’re hoping the initial problems were the sort of natural transition that takes place when you get a new contractor.”

Everyone by now should have a toter for garbage and an approved container for recycling. Customers who generate small amounts of trash can buy stickers from Waste Management to attach to their own bags for weekly collection, he said.

Anyone who didn’t get a toter can call the company to make arrangements for delivery or get answers to questions through its toll-free number.

Most city residents have the recycling containers the city issued years ago. They are supposed to stay with the residence when people move but replacements are available, if needed. Anyone who doesn’t have a recycling container can buy one at cost – $11.35 – by calling the city building, Andrejchak said.

Under city ordinances, all residents must participate in garbage collection and recycling and use an approved recycling container.

Residents received a brochure with their toters explaining the garbage and recycling program. Its information is also posted on the city’s website.

Under a separate e-waste contract with Waste Management, residents can for the first time dispose of old electronics and certain hazardous household items that formerly were difficult to dispose of legally.

Residents can call a toll-free number or go online to make arrangements for disposal of old televisions, computers and other electronics and such materials as paint, pesticides and old batteries.

Waste Management will provide details about preparation of eligible items and schedule an appointment for home pick-up.

The items should not be placed at the curb with garbage toters and recycling containers as part of weekly collections.

E-waste and household hazardous waste disposal costs are covered under the city’s contract with Waste Management, Andrejchak said.

For more information:

800-451-3060 toll-free to reach the Waste Management call center about billing problems or general questions.

800-449-7587 or www. to arrange for pickup of e-waste and hazardous materials. for garbage and recycling details.

724-983-3232, Sharon City Building to buy a recycling container.