The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

February 20, 2014

Teachers want principal position filled

By Joe Wiercinski
Herald Staff Writer

SHARPSVILLE — Middle school teachers turned out as a group Tuesday to lobby Sharpsville school directors to replace their principal who has been promoted.

They said they’d like to have a full-time principal, as students have had, and not an assistant or high school principal who would divide his or her time between the two schools.

John Vannoy last month was named principal for both the middle school and high school for the rest of the year. Former high school principal Kirk Scurpa was named interim technology integrator/data specialist to boost the district’s technology offerings for students in the district’s new media center.

In July, Vannoy will begin his new job as director of services. He will be responsible for staff and curriculum development, as well as supervising the district’s gifted and special education programs.

Both principal jobs will be open at the end of the school year. The administrative moves give the board a chance to talk about options with principals as they work on next year’s budget, board President Bill Henwood said.

“We’re not making a decision today or tomorrow,” he said. “The forum will be open until we make a decision, so let’s talk.”

A dozen teachers and a guidance counselor came to the meeting because the board was going to consider advertising for applicants for both positions.

“The middle school is unique,” math teacher Dodi Songer said, praising Vannoy for the close relationships he had built as principal with students and their families.

“It’s a time when critical development of our children is taking place,” Songer added. “They need a leadership voice committed to them, someone to settle their disputes right away and not wait until an assistant is available.”

Thanking the teachers for their input, Henwood encouraged them to contact directors in coming weeks and not assume that the board is moving in any particular direction.

“I would ask you to keep an open mind and we will keep an open mind,” Henwood said.