The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

October 10, 2013

Dog that was shot getting treatment

By Tom Davidson
Herald Staff Writer

SHENANGO TOWNSHIP — These have been trying times for animal lovers.

Late last month, a gray tiger kitten found in Hermitage was spray-painted orange and died from its injuries.

Mercer County Humane Society has a reward fund of almost $800 leading to the arrest of the perpetrator.

On Sunday night, a similar story unfolded, this time with a happier ending thus far.

It involves an about-5-year-old Akita dog that was shot on the Hubbard Township-Shenango Township line sometime earlier that night.

Southwest Mercer County Regional and Hubbard Township police are probing the shooting, but no leads have been found, Southwest Chief Riley Smoot said.

The humane society was called by police to an area off Sharon-Bedford Road near Stockton and Riggs Road for the dog, which was found bleeding in a ditch.

The dog was shot on the left side of its head and the bullet lodged beside the dog’s right lung, according to a news release issued by the humane society.

Humane Officer Tom Swartz took the dog to the society’s veternarian, Dr. Craig Kryger, and a chest tube was inserted into the dog to reinflate its lung.

The bullet was left in place for now.

The dog is being kept on crate rest and is being monitored closely as a 72-hour window that is riskiest for survival nears its end.

The society is calling the dog “Baby Girl” and is hoping to find out who shot her.

“We need to find out the individual or individuals responsible for this severe act of animal cruelty,” Humane Societry Executive Director Sandy Drabick said.

The society is offering a $100 reward leading to the citation and conviction of the person who shot the dog.

It appears from the angle and location of the entry wound that the fired shot was intentional, Drabick said.

The society is also seeking donations to defray the cost of veterinary treatment for the dog.

Information about the incident can be called to 724-981-5445. Donations to the Humane Society can be mailed to 1280 Dutch Lane, Hermitage, 16148.