The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

May 11, 2013

Cops: Mailman mistaken

By Joe Pinchot
Herald Staff Writer

HERMITAGE — Hermitage police have completed their investigation of an incident that led to the suspension of mail delivery at Shenango Park Apartments and concluded that no crime occurred, said Chief Brian Blair.

Park management has started building centralized mail delivery stations, although it is unknown when they will be operational.

Door-to-door mail delivery resumed Thursday after about a week’s suspension for the 200-apartment complex. During the suspension, tenants had to go to the Hermitage post office to get their mail.

The mail carrier, who was interviewed by police Thursday, reported that he was in a stairwell at about 1:15 p.m. April 30 at 1450 Parke Drive when three men in about their mid-20s frightened him, police said.

“He said they looked hard at him and nodded to each other, then one exited the building and came in another door and got behind him,” according to the report by Deputy Chief of Investigations Eric Jewell, an excerpt of which was released by Blair.

One of the men followed the letter carrier out of the building and across a yard for “a short distance,” then went another way, police said.

The carrier was not touched, nothing was said to him and no weapons were displayed, but he felt “uneasy” from the men’s behavior, police said.

When asked why he did not call police, the carrier said he didn’t want to be labeled a “narc,” police said.

While a postal service spokesman had said the carrier had walked in on a drug deal, the carrier did not mention a drug deal, police said. When asked about drugs, the carrier said he did not see or smell drugs, police said.

Police said they do not know who the three men were and know of no other witnesses.

“There was no crime committed,” Blair said.

The carrier was encouraged to call 911 if any more incidents occur, the chief said.

“We don’t believe postal service employees will be in any danger performing their duties at Shenango Park,” he said.

Shenango Park has agreed to put in two centralized mail stations, one by the park office and one at the top of the hill, Blair said.

A spokesman for apartment management did not return a call.