The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

May 18, 2013

Council warms up to idea of replacing snow plows

By Joe Wiercinski
Herald Sports Writer

SHARON — No one wants to think about snow plows when we’ve just begun to have 80 degrees and sunshine in May.

Sharon City Manager Scott Andrejchak has been thinking about them though because the oldest equipment in the snow-removal fleet turns 18 years old this year.

Sharon council on Thursday lined up the money and ordered a pair of 10-ton trucks with plows and spreaders to replace two 1995 models that saw their better days a few years ago.

“They should be here the first of October,” said Ron Maurice, street department mechanic. “The spreaders will be in them and the plows will be on them and they’ll be ready to go.”

The city has two other plow trucks it bought in 2001. The new ones will join them as front-line equipment and the ’95s will be held in reserve for emergencies.

“We wouldn’t get anything out of them but scrap price but they would make good spares if one of the other trucks goes down,” Maurice said. “Nine times out of ten, something happens to one of them during the winter.”

Having six trucks in the fleet means there would be more equipment than drivers to operate them in the five-member street department.

“We’re hoping in the future the city will hire more guys and they can go out all at the same time,” Maurice said.

The city is borrowing $309,387 to pay for the trucks. The note for 60 months with Huntington National Bank is at 2.23 percent interest. It calls for annual payments of $65,000 for five years, Andrejchak said.