The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

April 16, 2013

Stey-Nevant recovers from crash to mark library week

By Tom Davidson
Herald Staff Writer

FARRELL — A freak March 2 crash sent a car into the lobby of the Stey-Nevant Library in Farrell and damaged a house next door. It sent shards of glass throughout the children’s stacks, librarian Margaret Orchard said.

At the time, she mused the incident was something “they didn’t teach” in library school.

On Monday, as the library kicked off National Library Week, there was a faint smell of new carpet in the room and the new doors gleamed in the overcast light of a typical spring day.

The front doors were locked because new tile was being installed in the foyer, but otherwise the doors are open – better than ever.

The city’s insurance policy covered the $39,964 cost of repairs to the building, City Manager Michael Ceci said.

Orchard is pleased with the way everything has been fixed. The library is “almost back to normal,” she said.

Stey-Nevant is one of the city’s hot spots for youth, she said.

“We usually have 100 people in here a day,” she said. “Seventy to 75 of them are kids.”

As National Library Week continues, there will be giveaways and treats each day, Orchard said.