The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

April 24, 2013

Just buggy! Weevils invade middle school

By Melissa Klaric
Herald Staff Writer

SHARON — If you were on State Street Tuesday at about 3 p.m. you may have noticed Sharon Middle School students carrying boxes, armloads of books and bulging backpacks.

Kids were asked to clear their lockers completely so an exterminator could spray after school to get rid of an unwelcome group of weevils, according to a letter from Terry Karsonovich, middle school principal.

The insects were discovered in the building on Monday marching in lines along the halls outside of a few classrooms on the first floor.

Exterminators on Monday night sprayed the hallway and classrooms that were affected.

“This has never happened before,” said Superintendent John Sarandrea.

He guessed that construction on the nearby Case Avenue school might have stirred up the annoying insects and said the situation will be monitored all week.

“Whenever something happens, we’re on it right away,” Sarandrea said.

In his letter, Karsonovich assured parents that administrators “feel confident” that the actions taken will solve the problem.

Sarandrea explained that weevils are commonly found in kitchens because of their fondness of flour and other grains but stressed that no bugs were found in the kitchen or anywhere else in the school. The thought is that a student left food in a locker that attracted the bugs.

Weevils are not harmful to humans and are not parasites – they are just a nuisance. Some sources say weevils run for cover from warm weather in the summer through fall. They generally enter around doors and windows.

Usually, one big industrial spray is said to take care of the problem.