The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

June 13, 2013

Police: Woman offered undercover cop sex for money

Herald staff

HERMITAGE — A 63-year-old Chinese woman has been charged with prostitution for taking money to perform a sex act on an undercover state trooper.

Yindi Ding, 3090 S. Hermitage Road, was arrested June 6 at Ailian’s Chinese Message Therapy, which is listed as the same location as her residence in court documents.

No date has been set for her preliminary hearing.

The case was referred to state police after Hermitage police received reports that employees were engaging in prostitution, offering massage customers sexual services for extra money.

Police gave this account:

The trooper went to the business and was greeted by Ding. He said he wanted a massage and she directed him to a room and told him to disrobe.

They agreed that the massage would cost $55 and Ding began the session.

Ding instructed the trooper to remove the rest of his clothes and turn over onto his back.

Through a series of hand gestures and in halting English, she told the trooper she would perform a sex act with her hand for $20. The trooper agreed but, when she touched him, he told her to stop because he had a telephone call. He then sent a text message to other troopers, who entered the business and arrested Ding.