The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

June 25, 2013

City teams with Aqua for street resurfacing

By Joe Wiercinski
Herald Staff Writer

SHARON — Drivers know that summer is construction season. In Sharon, that will mean repaving a few streets in different parts of the city.

Buhl Boulevard will be one of those getting a new surface in a cooperative venture between Aqua Pennsylvania and the city, City Manager Scott Andrejchak said.

The water company will be paving the three blocks of Buhl from East State Street to Highland Road and the city will pave the other block and a half from Highland to McDowell Street at the entrance of Buhl Farm.

Utilities typically repave only the lane in which they excavated, as Aqua must do because it installed a new water line on Buhl. The water company will be paving both lanes however, because the job is related to last year’s reconstruction of the lower section of Highland where Aqua also replaced a line.

The city had a grant to repair the road between Forker Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue, Andrejchak said, so he worked out a deal with the water company to repave the same length of roadway elsewhere because Aqua didn’t have to pave over its trench on Highland.

The city will be using capital funds for its share of the resurfacing, and the two parties have to coordinate their schedules. Andrejchak said the starting date depends in part on when Aqua assigns its share of the job to a paving company.

“By Buhl Day we should have a completely paved Buhl Boulevard,” he said. “That’s what I’m hoping for and I think a lot of people will be happy with that.”

Andrejchak said he also plans to resurface the crumbling stretch of Smith Avenue south of Connelly Boulevard from the freeway to George Street.

The city’s Community Development Block Grant includes $131,000 for public improvements that can be used for streets and traffic lights.

Andrejchak said the city hired Kurtanich Engineers & Associates Inc., Hermitage, to work up bid specifications to repave Sterling Avenue from Connelly to West Budd Street and Chestnut Street from Connelly to State.

The paving would be done later this summer or in the fall.