The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

November 28, 2013

Clerk who fired shot won’t be charged

By Joe Wiercinski
Herald Staff Writer

SHARON — A store clerk who fired but missed won’t be charged for shooting at a would-be robber who had pulled a gun during a hold-up at Ron’s Market in Sharon.

No one was injured in the incident at about 9:15 p.m. Sunday at the neighborhood store in the 300 block of New Castle Avenue.

The robber pointed a pistol at the clerk and demanded that he open the register. Instead, the clerk drew a gun of his own and fired a shot toward the man who ran out of the store and sped west on Liberty Street in a black Chevrolet Cavalier, said police Chief Mike Menster.

The clerk described the assailant as a light-skinned black male wearing a nylon mask that covered his face from the top of his bead to his upper lip. He was wearing black pants and a black shirt with long sleeves, yellow lettering and yellow stripes on the arms.

Menster said the clerk, whom he would not identify, had the right to defend himself under the circumstances of the crime.

“The law allows him to have a gun in the store. He was confronted by a masked robber pointing a gun at him,” Menster said. “We believe that qualifies as being in fear of serious bodily injury or death so he was within his rights under the law to act as he did.

“Nobody likes gunfire, but in a case like this, word gets around among the hoodlums and thugs and criminals not to go into that guy’s store,” Menster added. “Word gets around that he has a gun and he’s not afraid to use it.”

Menster urged anyone with information about the identity of the would-be robber to call 911 to contact the police department.