The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

November 6, 2013

Longtime treasurer turns back challenge

By Sandy Scarmack
Herald Staff Writer

MERCER COUNTY — Longtime incumbent Ginny Steese Richardson held onto her seat as Mercer County Treasurer, beating challenger Marci Radcliffe by nearly double the votes.

Richardson, a Republican, touted her years of experience in investing the county’s dollars, building on long-term relationships with local bankers to invest wisely and get the best return possible.

Of her re-election, Richardson, of Grove City, said, “We campaigned hard and we had a lot of supporters. I want to thank the residents of Mercer County for their faith in me, and I promise to continue to do the same job for the next four years that I’ve done in the last 20 years.”

In 2012, the treasurers office handled a little more than $24 million,  compared with $9 million when she started in 1994.

Radcliffe, a Hermitage Democrat, who also boasted a strong financial background, wanted voters to consider a “fresh voice” when it came to investing the county’s dollars.

“I want to congratulate all the candidates on their races for various positions. I want to thank my opponent for running a campaign with integrity. I want to thank my family and friends who helped me. I want them to know they were part of making a dream come true for me. I ran for a political office and I met so many wonderful people. I am grateful for that experience,” she said.