The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

March 24, 2014

Margaret ‘Peg’ Roberts Stewart

Former valley resident had lived in N.C., Oregon


- — EUGENE, Ore. – On March  21, 2014, a great lady, Margaret “Peg” Roberts Stewart, died in Eugene at the age of 99.

For all except the last 15 years of her life, she was a resident of the Shenango Valley.

Mrs. Stewart lived with her parents and three siblings in Sharon during school years. In her early 20s, she married Ray “Stutz” Stewart, a resident of Sharpsville, and they eventually settled in Hermitage.

When Peg’s older sister, Hilda Roberts Delahunty, unexpectedly died and left behind three very young children,  Peg and Stutz stepped in to help support the family, adopting two of the children and working always to keep the three in touch throughout their lives.  

Peg was all those things that will forever keep her in our memory. She was funny. She was smart. While she loved life, she did grow weary of it toward the end.

She and Stutz enjoyed a wide number of friends throughout their lives, but Peg mentioned frequently that it was sometimes lonely being “the last one standing.”

After Stutz died, she moved to the North Carolina Outer Banks to live with her son Bill and his wife Maggie. While there, she especially enjoyed the pool and the big sky. When she felt she was ready to move to an assisted living arrangement, her son Keith and his wife Janie asked her to consider a senior residence on the banks of the Willamette River in Eugene. She agreed and spent the next 12 years in that lovely setting, making a totally new group of good friends.

Peg will be missed by her sons, Keith and Bill, and their wives Janie and Maggie; nieces, Carole and Susan; and many others, family and non-family, who came to know and love her.

She was preceded in death by her husband, J. Raymond Stewart; her brothers, Walter and Raymond; a nephew, Kenneth Delahunty Jr.; a niece, Peggy Roberts Reinhardt; and a very large group of friends.