Walter “Butch” Gelesky

Shenango Township

Finally Shenango Township supervisors have pulled the plug on the merger. It may be a surprise to some of the staff of The Herald and Borough of West Middlesex about the plans for the merger.

There were some discussions at some public meetings about the cost if we merged with the borough. Needless to say, when the subject came up of the township taxes going up and the borough’s going down, support for the merger started to go downhill.

What kind of deal is that? The borough should get their own act together and settle their own financial problems.

Councilman Ray Lucich has made comments on non-taxable property in the borough that the township uses, such as schools and churches. Does he think that we do not pay school taxes or give donations to the churches that we attend?

The mayor made a comment toward all the work that the secretaries and Alan Kugler did to draft a plan toward a merger. Does he understand that the elected officials of both communities were supposed to be drafting a plan with Mr. Kugler, not the secretaries?

As far as putting this matter up to a vote, I don’t see a problem with that. But why did we elect a mayor, councilmen and supervisors for the borough and the township whose jobs are to make decisions?

Mergers are fine, but in the real world it is very difficult to try on a local level. Mergers will have to come from a higher level.

Harrisburg has to offer incentives and enticements for municipalities and schools that are having financial difficulties to merge. It shouldn’t be up to one municipality to bail out the other, whether or not they are neighbors.