Horse should not have been returned to its owner

Lorraine Robison



There have been some horrific animal abuse and neglect cases recently in the area, repeat offenders.

They scoff at fines, orders for medical care for themselves, probation, ordered not to have any more animals in their care, yere there is no consequences for them. Just do it over and over, why not? 

Recently the judge allowed back into the owner’s care a horse, with months of intervention by caring neighbors taking it upon themselves to address the animal’s needs on the abandoned property. Humane Society intervened, horse nursed back to health, returned to irresponsible owner to do it again.

No evidence to support charges. Really? A courtroom full of people with months of testimony, video, pictures. The person left to care for the horse admits he did not like doing it and was scared of it. 

Owner abandoned, went to a Southern state, yet the poor animal was returned. 

How is not taking into consideration the way this horrid abuse happened? No means of support in medical care or feeding, or proper housing – the very basic needs were not able to be supplied. That did not change with the “you’re free to go do it again” verdict. 

The owner is not able to care for these animals, no means of support, no making any responsible decisions to remedy their situation. How is this justice? How is this not encouraging these selfish arrogant people to change the cycle and end the needless suffering of animals that are dependent on humans.

It’s a travesty of judgment.