Jane McKnight

Grove City 

In November, Pennsylvania voted to end property taxes. What does that mean? A large loss of income. How will this be covered? Increases in income and sales taxes? What is the impact on our local economy? Will we still pay for local government? Will we lose control of our school budget? If that happens, will most of our tax money go first to Philadelphia? Who at state will stand up for rural communities? Also, the outlet mall brings money and jobs to our community, mainly because Canadians come here to buy clothes. If the sales taxes changes to cover clothes, the incentive for the Canadians to make the trip here will end. Now, add the tax bill currently in Congress, designed to give large corporations and the extremely wealthy gigantic tax cuts and increase the national debt by 1 to 2 trillion dollars. First, this gives huge tax break incentives to their donors to finance Republican campaigns to stay in power. Second, this is a purposeful effort by the Republican party to create a budget crisis that will demand huge cuts for long-standing entitlement programs, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, eventually getting rid of all of them completely. If we add all the efforts to pass voter suppression laws in many states, we are looking at a massive effort to set aside our Constitution and our rights, including one person, one vote. Don’t listen to what Republicans say; look at what they do!! Think about it!

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