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September 8, 2012

Obama candidacy will surge behind ‘Power of Bubba’

---- — It’s pretty obvious that Bill Clinton can still get results.

After his speech at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night, the following day was huge at the stock market. Wow, that brings back great memories of his presidency for anyone who watched their investments drop like a stone during the years since his leaving office.

While Clinton was always a nightmare for Republicans – except those who loved watching their investments do well – the booming stock market is a boost to the Obama re-election campaign.

Whether the climb will last until the actual election, there is no way to predict. But it certainly shows there still is faith in the economy in this country and things are picking up.

Americans love Bill Clinton. Foreigners love Bill Clinton. Interns love Bill Clinton. The guy was about as popular a president as we’ve ever had, despite a bit of marital indiscretion.

And while Barack Obama and Clinton were never very close because Obama edged out Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination four years ago, the former president rose to the needs of the party. And it turned out good for America because Hillary has done a terrific job as secretary of state. She’ll be missed when she steps down.

Clinton’s speech, as usual, was brilliant. And it showed a great contrast from the Republicans who at their convention completely ignored the fact that they recently had a two-term president in George W. Bush. But I guess that’s understandable because they are trying to pretend that he wasn’t the person that started all the economic woes during his run in office.

When Al Gore ran for president against Bush a few years ago, if Gore had enlisted the aid of Clinton, he would have been in office instead of Bush. It would have never come to a Supreme Court decision to name the president.

And who knows how this country would have turned out? We probably wouldn’t have been in the wars that Bush pushed us into and we would have saved trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives.

But Gore ignored Clinton and he paid the price for it. And therefore our country paid for it.

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