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January 11, 2014

Letters for Jan. 11, 2014

- — Letter writer needs lesson  in economics

Les Lenhart


This letter is being written in answer to Ray Divens recent letter concerning the tea party. Mr. Divens evidently needs a lesson on economics. First of all, like typical liberals, people like him like to call others names such as nuts, aliens, inhumane and from another planet. The tea party consists of not only Republicans, but also includes Democrats. Mr. Divens, the tea party is not an official party, but a group of conservatives that wants to bring this free-spending government under control instead of placing us further into a debt that our grandkids will have the burden of paying. FYI, the government consists of three bodies, Supreme Court, Congress, and then President. The Republicans control half of a third of government. One can see that the Democrats are in control of at least one and a half of the government, excluding the Supreme Court. Some of the accomplishments of the Democrats in five years are – more people on welfare, more people out of work, sole owners of Obamacare and millions of Americans losing their hospital plans, more corruption than in any presidency, avoiding of the constitution and rule by executive orders, and many, many more Socialist ideas. Mr. Divens mentioned that tea party Republicans enjoyed their Christmas turkey and all the fixings while a lot of people were trying to put together the best meal they could. Go grocery shopping and see a welfare person’s shopping cart, and one will see steaks, lobsters and shrimp in the cart. If these same people ate turkey, it would save them a lot of money. Their best meal is probably better than turkey and the fixings.

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