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May 18, 2014

OUR VIEW: Showing up at the polls is just as important in primaries

- — Don't ever think voting in the primary elections isn’t important. The statewide party leaders made the importance very clear this year.

The state Republican Party recently sent out fliers slamming Democratic candidate Tom Wolf, an almost unheard of cross-party action. Are they that worried that if Wolf gets the Democratic Party nomination he will unseat current Gov. Tom Corbett in the fall?

It certainly appears that way, since we can’t remember the last time such action was taken by either party to criticize candidates vying for office on another party ticket in a primary election.

Voters need to realize the impact of voting in primaries can have. The Republican Party certainly does in the race for governor.

Still, there will be a small turnout at the polls on Tuesday since it’s not a presidential election year and there are no local offices up for grabs in most municipalities or school districts.

And yet, it is important when you consider that just a small number of voters can control your life. And that control starts at the primary level on Tuesday in Pennsylvania.

Admittedly, some people have become completely disillusioned with politics. And that’s scary.

It’s like the following joke:

Bob: “What do you mean you aren’t voting. Are you stupid or apathetic?”

Joe: “I don’t know and I don’t care!”

That’s becoming the opinion of too many people.

Obviously, it’s difficult to know all the attributes of all the candidates, or how they will do when they get into office. But with a little bit of study and reading, a voter can get at least some indication. Especially with candidates who are incumbents.

Still, if only Democrats would have known the way Mercer County Commissioner Brian Beader would violate their trust, he certainly wouldn’t have been considered for re-election. But nothing is a given.

One good thing about Beader’s snubbing his nose at the taxpayers is that we’re hearing about a fledgling grassroots action to bring up home rule for Mercer County so we have better control of the  county and where the money is spent.

One of the key elections in this area Tuesday will be for state senator, with long-time officeholder Bob Robbins retiring after this year.

State representative elections are also on the ballots.

Even though some of the offices have only one candidate, it is a good chance to either show support, or to show a disdain by leaving that ballot unvoted for or by writing-in a name.

Regardless, voting is one of the rights/privileges we have in this country and everyone should take advantage of it. And it’s free.

Why let other people determine who controls your government and your life without offering your opinion at the polls?

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