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July 3, 2014

Letters for July 3

- — It takes cruel person to shoot child’s pet cat

Carolyn Kurz


This letter is directed to the person, and I use the term loosely, that shot my great-grandson’s cat last week in the Sample Road area of Hermitage. I realize that a person with his mentality probably doesn’t read much and most likely won’t even see it.

How could you be so cruel? She certainly couldn’t have been mistaken for a groundhog. Do you realize how much devastation you caused a small child?

I guess we should be thankful that you were not a very good shot; but because of your idea of fun, poor Molly has three legs now.

What is even more disturbing is that we have individuals like this going through the neighborhood.

Americans are free to express their opinions

Ron Parnell


I write this letter in support of William Marquis for his 5-24-14 letter to the editor. I completely agree with his views. He is spot on with his comments.

Like Mr. Marquis, I am fed up with the media’s glorification of the gay lifestyle. Our country was formed on religious and moral principles as time-honored traditions for many generations. However, since 2008 Obama, along with his flock of socialist sheep, continues to immorally champion the erosion of our values and daily lives.

Under the veil of political correctness, the liberals continue to chip away at our basic freedoms. They believe that one cannot display a cross, use the word God, fly the American flag in honor of fallen soldiers, or disagree with their opinions. Also, gun owners are severely criticized by the liberals.

I personally do not care what the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender population do with their lives, but I will not celebrate it. And their agenda need not be pushed in my face. I realize there is freedom of speech, but keep your private lives private just as I do.

I think the time has come for our country to push the “Reset Button” to a time when you could freely express your opinion without being persecuted by the media or the government.

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