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July 2, 2014

Letters for July 2, 2014

- — Beader should not still be holding office

Ron Greenawalt


It is with considerable displeasure and disgust that I write this letter. It is now the end of June and Commissioner Beader is still receiving compensation from Mercer County taxpayers. Has The Herald given up on running him out of office? Has the Democrat Party given up?

I’m a registered Democrat and I have not had any representation in the courthouse since Commissioner Beader decided to pursue other employment opportunities. Has Commissioner Chairman Lechner publicly called for Mr. Beader to resign? Why did it take so long for Mr. Beader’s absence to become public? My understanding is that Mr. Beader’s absence now exceeds one year. As a taxpayer I am outraged and offended that this is allowed to continue.

Is there no residency requirement to be a commissioner? How many nights must one sleep in the county he represents? Or doesn’t it matter where you live? Why doesn’t the county controller stop paying Mr. Beader and have him prove his residency? How long are the residents going to put up with being fleeced?

I hope at next year’s election, the voters remember who was in office and who should be voted out.

Bush fit writer’s description of president

Dick Scarmack


I would like to respond to a letter written by Mr. Ed Blaus in The Herald on Monday, June 23.

I never imagined that I could agree with a tea bagger but in this case, I totally agree. My only question is: Ed, what took you so long to write this? G.W. Bush has been out of office since 2008.

Remember in November: vote Democrat.

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