The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

February 24, 2014

Soundoff from Sunday, Feb. 23

The Herald

- — Why no coverage of the Mercer County Democratic Committee governor’s brunch last Saturday? It was held at the Sharpsville VFW - just down the road from The Herald’s office. Four candidates showed up - some traveling from across the state in bad weather. Zero Herald reporters. I see there was (still) days of Valentine-type romance stories all over the front page ... zzzzz

I am completely astounded at the “brighten up the corner” that was printed in The Herald on Sunday, Feb. 16. The piece went as follows: The sleeping pills I gave to our crying baby did not work, so I took them myself. Not only is this not amusing, it is ignorant on the part of Joe Burns for submitting it and irresponsible of The Herald for printing it.

Please tell me why the West Middlesex Big Reds Boys Basketball is not on the front page? In today’s sports, check the stats if you forgot that we are undefeated. Thank you.

I read in the Soundoff part of the editorial page of The Herald last Sunday comments relative to the condition of Hazen Road. It is deplorable. This is a state road and we have been told by PennDOT that it is slated for paving this summer. I (Jack Cardwell) certainly hope so since the new transportation plan enacted by the state contains a rather steep increase in the gas tax. We’ll be monitoring this situation.

Who do they think is going to park in a downtown garage that will be locked up? It looks like the renovation money was spent on fences and gates. Who is going to pay for someone to open and close the gates morning and night? How will this help night time event parking? And charge a fine for parking on city side streets? Come on Sharon. You’ve taken two steps forward in the last year, why take three steps backward?

My sister and I had the discussion about if 500 people lose a good paying job because of a plant shut down but 1,000 minimum wage jobs open up at Walmart and restaurants, then the politicians brag about how they created an additional 500 jobs.

It seems like the recent snowfalls seem to have caught some of  our community road crews by surprise ... not! With all of the advance warning these days, how could they? Some of them have been terriffic all winter, while others seem to be waiting for the spring thaw to clear the roads. So goes our winter from hell.


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