The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

October 26, 2013

Going ‘round and ‘round about city’s new roundabout

By Lynn Saternow

- — Here are some thoughts from a guy who is looking forward to the roundabout, which will be built in downtown Sharon right outside The Herald, a roundabout that was featured in a story on the front page this week.

The intersection of Dock Street and Connelly Boulevard has always been a tough one, especially for turning semi tractor-trailers. And it’s also dangerous because of idiot drivers who go straight out of the turn lane coming west on Connelly, rather than turn left.

The lanes are clearly marked, yet I constantly see people go straight from the turn lane right beside another car that is going straight correctly. I’m surprised there aren’t more fender-benders especially due to possible road rage.

If Sharon police would sit near the intersection and give tickets to the driving offenders at that intersection, the city could lower its tax rate because there would be a lot of money collected.

How well the roundabout will work is yet to be seen, but it will alleviate that problem. Still I can’t help but be reminded of the movie “European Vacation” where the Griswold family was trapped on the inside lane of a multilane roundabout for many hours.

On a whole, I think the Sharon roundabout will be a good thing.

• You would think a new Pennsylvania bill passed by the House of Representatives must be a good thing since it passed unanimously.

Then again, maybe not.

I have to wonder how well it was really thought out as it moves on to the Senate.

I’m referring to a bill that allows people who are adopted to access their full birth records. The bill means that birth parents will no longer be able to conceal their identities.

Yes, if I were adopted, I would probably someday want to know my birth parents — although the people who adopted me would be my true parents for having raised me.

However, some women who give up their newborns may not want to be revealed at some future date. Therefore, I have to wonder if more people won’t choose to have abortions rather than have the children and give them up for adoption.

That would be a lot sadder than adopted kids never knowing who their birth parents are.

ä I have always been a proponent of national health care, which every president for decades has considered before Obama finally pushed it through.

But what a fiasco it has turned into. First with the ill-fated GOP shutdown of the government, which hurt a lot of people, and now the website problems for which the Obama administration has to shoulder the blame.

Do we have anybody that’s competent working in the United States government?

Somedays I really have to wonder.

The Herald’s Lynn Saternow writes this column each Saturday for the Opinion Page. His e-mail is