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November 17, 2012

Is the Petraeus fiasco really national ordeal it has become?

---- — Once again we learn, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Or at least former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus learned that the hard way.

If I’m understanding how this all came down, Petreaus was having an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell. Broadwell thought that Petreaus was scorning her by having an affair with socialite Jill Kelly. So Broadwell sends threatening emails to Kelly.

So Kelly reports the emails to the federal authorities. Next thing you know the FBI and CIA end up conducting an investigation that must have cost millions of dollars just to check out Petraeus.

Then, as it turns out, Petraeus quits as CIA director.

Does anybody really think that the jealous rivalry between the FBI and CIA didn’t blow this whole thing out of proportion. When the FBI found out, they should have just gone to the president, who could have told Petreaus: “Dump those women now and get back to work.”

I’m not saying the adulterous actions of Petreaus are OK. I really feel bad for his wife. But that’s a personal matter and not requiring a massive investigation and more horrendous publicity for the United States. Did anyone really think there was a security breach? Today’s computer hackers can find out more secrets than a woman in bed in no time at all.

The rest of the world must be laughing that we made such a huge deal of a what should just have been a family matter.

It’s a shame that a guy who ran the military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan has to see his reputation go from glory to gory.  But he brought it upon himself.

His fall from grace should be a lesson for every guy who has thoughts about having extramarital affairs. But it won’t be. For some reason, men (and yes sometimes women) think they won’t get caught.

The days of government agencies like the Secret Service protecting the marital misdeeds of leaders like John F. Kennedy are gone. Come on, would any sane guy ignore his marital vows just to have an affair with Marilyn Monroe?

(Whatever you do guys, don’t answer that.)

ä Pretty much every religion condemns extramarital affairs, but if we truly separate church and state, that should not come into play here. But it is interesting that coming into play is a push by atheists to force the IRS to tax churches who involve themselves in politics.

Guess what. While I can agree with that to a certain extent, I’m more inclined to feel that all churches should have to pay municipal taxes. Every community has to provide road repairs as well as fire and police protection for churches, just like they do for every other business or industry.

So why don’t they have to pay for it? In some municipalities, churches take up valuable space that might be inviting to tax-paying businesses.

With the financial state of most municipalities, I don’t think it will be long before many start taxing churches.

The Herald’s Lynn Saternow writes this column each Saturday. His email is

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