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April 12, 2014

The talking heads tell us little, let’s wait for real news

- — Here are some thoughts from a guy who thinks that throwing a surprise party for Oscar Pistorius would be a very bad idea.

Unless you are in full body-armor, that is.

The trial of the “Blade Runner” is taking on all the hoopla of the O.J. Simpson trial so many years ago. It is constantly in the news, even though there have been many worse crimes committed throughout the world during that time.

It’s just that for some reason people get caught up with the lives of celebrities and can’t seem to get enough. That’s why people like the Kardashians who contribute absolutely nothing to society are constantly on TV or the Internet.

And I guess that’s why people want to watch “Dancing With The Stars” just to see if celebrities can actually dance. Why?

• Another thing that is constantly in the news is the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared, obviously crashing into the sea.

Yes, it was a horrible tragedy to lose that many lives. But the story never ends. It’s like there is no other news to report so they constantly weigh every aspect and get opinions from every talking head about what happened.

I would prefer if they just wait until there is some resolution and then tell us.

But I guess it’s the same kind of thing that occurs in the sports world where all these “experts” tell us over and over again about what players will go where in the NFL draft that doesn’t happen until May.

And these so-called experts will change their opinions time and time again. Please!

After awhile, even though I enjoy the NFL, it becomes boring to me.

• It was a sad day at Franklin Regional High School this week where a 16-year-old kid stabbed or slashed 20 people. You have to wonder what gets into the mind of someone so young to commit such an atrocity.

I read with interest the comment of one high school girl, who while crying, said: “This kind of thing isn’t supposed to happen here.”

Unfortunately, that kind of thing can happen anywhere and there are no guarantees when it comes to safety in schools.

And I always worry about “copycats” who are depressed youngsters elsewhere who see all the news coverage the attacker received and then want to get the same kind of notoriety.

Former Sharon High wrestler Eric Mausser is a fifth-grade teacher in the Franklin Regional School District and what a year of highs and lows for him.

Eric is the head wrestling coach at the school and last month his team won the PIAA Class AAA Wrestling Championship team title and Eric was named the state AAA Coach of the Year.

I’m sure he’s forgotten that after the incident this week.

I don’t know if any of Eric’s wrestlers were among those injured. But now he and his fellow teachers and administrators will go through the pain felt by everyone who knows the school students who were senselessly hurt.

And they will deal with the psyche of students who may now be somewhat afraid to even come to school.

The Herald’s Lynn Saternow writes this column each Saturday for the Opinion Page. He can be reached at

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