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May 3, 2014

Sterling, Bundy show their true colors in recent events

- — Let me make this perfectly clear. Donald Sterling is a racist scumbag. But if he wants to give me $3 million, I’ll take it!

I mention this after hearing that UCLA will return $3 million that Sterling was giving to the college. This comes in the wake of the outage of the 80-year-old owner of the Los Angeles Clippers as a racist.

OK, I understand that the NBA has given him a lifetime ban and fined him the maximum of $2.5 million.

But why would UCLA pass up $3 million? If I were UCLA officials, I would have taken the $3 million and established a fund that would only be used to help minority students earn scholarships. That would smack in the face of any racist.

Still, I have one problem with the whole thing. All of this turmoil came about after a recording of Sterling talking with his girlfriend was released to the public, a recording that had him talking in a disturbing way about black people.

The lawyer of his girlfriend (V. Stiviano) said she didn’t release the tape, although taping the conversation was agreed to by both parties. Really? Why would anyone agree to have a private conversation taped, unless it was going to be used for some legal purpose later?

But we have seen examples of private conversations used to smear people’s reputations before and in today’s world of technology, nothing you say anywhere can be deemed as private.

What bothers me also is that Sterling should have been banned from the NBA a long time ago since he had shown to be a racist in the past. But the league and the other owners just looked the other way. Hey, rich white guys stick together. But this time their hands were forced by the public outcry.

Even though Sterling is banned, right now he still owns the team and can make a lot of money. The other owners should force him out as soon as possible.

But that brings us to another big-time racist – Cliven Bundy. And it was the same kind of situation as with Sterling.

When Bundy rebelled against the U.S. government by refusing to pay for use of federal lands to graze his cattle, people praised him as a true patriot. Even a lot of Republican leaders jumped on the Bundy bandwagon. This even though he owed something like $1.1 million in fees and back taxes.

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