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November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving is ideal holiday for good food, family, friends

An Editor's Notes

---- — It's kind of hard not to write about Thanksgiving every year, because it’s a holiday that screams “family,” more than Christmas in my book.

Thanksgiving is all about friends and family, sitting around a dinner table stuffing themselves with turkey, dressing and all of the other trimmings.

Christmas is such a busy holiday and one preoccupied with gifts under the tree and running from here to there that it becomes more hectic than relaxing. Maybe that’s not the way it should be, but reality says that’s the way it is.

This is a big time of year for area grocery stores. Most of them use turkeys as part of their promotions, offering a discounted price in exchange for a minimum spent on other items in the store. Some have no minimum spending at all.

I was grocery shopping two weeks ago and watched as a couple, probably in their 70s, were debating about which brand of turkey to buy while standing in front of the freezer.

The guy, well, he was opting for the cheapest bird. “Turkey’s turkey,” I heard him telling his wife. Not so fast, she said, trying to convince him that the brand with the red pop-up timer was the only way to go.

A few minutes later, I spotted them in an aisle hunting for cranberry sauce, their Honeysuckle White turkey firmly entrenched in the top of their shopping cart.

Hearing the shoppers debate about the turkey with the pop-up timer brought to mind the Thanksgiving extravaganzas when I was a kid.

Somehow, my mother always was able to roast what I thought was the perfect turkey – brown, tender, moist and you guessed it, stuffed with dressing.

Of course, since the time I was kid, people have determined that it’s no longer safe to stuff a turkey – more hogwash if you ask me. Someone probably stuffed a turkey with bad ingredients, or left it out too long before putting it in the oven, and someone got sick.

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