The Herald, Sharon, Pa.


December 1, 2012

Hey, what are the odds? Only about one in 175 million

---- — Here are some thoughts from a guy who still hasn’t checked his Powerball numbers since I’m well aware that I didn’t have one of the winning tickets for the $575 million windfall.

Worst part is, I was so confident of winning I had already run up that amount of bills.

It's still fun to dream. We all want to consider what we would do with that kind of money -- what relatives and friends we'd share with and how much we would donate to charity.

But we have to be realistic. Since the odds of winning are one in 175 million, you cashing in a winning ticket probably won’t happen.

Still, one of the best descriptions of how to go about seeking a Powerball win is this:

Get a napkin and write down your favorite five numbers. Then pick a Powerball number and write it there. Next, take your two dollars and wrap them tightly inside the napkin. And when that is ready, stick it in your garbage disposal and turn it on.

It’s money down the drain anyhow.

• Speaking of money down the drain, how about jobs down the drain. The Hostess Co. recently negotiated with union employees and made it clear that if contracts couldn’t be settled, the company would close operations.

Although the Teamsters agreed to a settlement, the bakers’ union wouldn’t settle and went on strike. So, blaming the bakers, Hostess officials announced the company will go out of business and more than 18,000 jobs will be lost.

That brought about a big rush on Twinkies as people apparently sought to grab a few last bites of the delicious pastry. I’m not a Twinkies fan, but those cupcakes will be missed.

But again it makes you wonder about that so-called “union mentality” where some workers actually claim they would rather lose their jobs than buckle under to company demands. Those kind of people are a bunch of Ding Dongs.

Expectedly, some other companies are trying to buy the rights to produce the Hostess brands. However, that doesn’t mean those companies would be willing to hire the employees who lost their jobs with Hostess.

It’s a sad situation no matter how you look at it.

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