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February 7, 2014

God controls weather & more, whether you believe it or not

From the Pulpit

- — God is in control! The world is under His sovereign command. So says Psalm 24:1: “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.”

God is in control of the weather. It is the height of arrogance and the depth of foolishness to think that man controls the weather. We hear about global warming. The “experts” realized that there is not a pattern of warmth (certainly proven this past week) so they had to change their foolishness to “climate change.” It is just a money-making scheme to rob companies and even whole countries and give to others, which somehow always includes them and their cronies.

I graduated from high school in 1974. We were taught that there was a coming ice age. Foolishness can change quickly but it is still foolishness. If man-made climate change is true, then our jet-setting president is a prime contributor! If the United States gives money to other countries and further regulates our businesses, then China and the rest of the world will just keep doing whatever they desire while we destroy ourselves.

The climate will remain under God’s control!

On to something far more important. God is in control of death. So says Hebrews 9:27: “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” If you have had a loved one’s life come to an end, it was under the sovereign will of God. Even suicide was something that He did not stop. Do we have any idea how many failed suicide attempts there are every day? God is against it, but He lets man make his own decisions. But even in that case, God allowed it.

I find great comfort in accepting the sovereignty of God. One of the best people that I ever pastored lost her daughter in an accident. I’m sure her heart cried out many times, “Why?” I don’t know, but God does.

Why does God allow death?

Sometimes it is a reward to the person. If they have Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, then to die is gain. That is an amazing statement found in the Bible (Philippians 1:21).

Sometimes it is a warning to others. That person died well before the normal time span and so could you. If nobody died until they were 80, then nobody would get prepared until they reached that age.

The final reason is that it is the direct consequence of sin.  “The soul that sinneth shall die” (Ezekiel 18:4). Are you prepared? Death will not come when you decide, but rather when God Almighty decrees it. If you have Jesus Christ, then you will have eternity to enjoy God and all that He has prepared for you. If you do not, then you must face His ultimate punishment, which is the fire of hell forever.

He is in control of the climate. He is in control of death. He allows you to make your own decision for eternity.

Lastly, God is in control of your circumstances. Your health, your wealth, your popularity are all under God’s control. He can change it one way or the other as He decrees. I am not a fatalist. God gives you a free will and, to be sure, many aspects of your life are influenced by your own decisions.  Still, God is in control. That is why some good people suffer (Job, Jesus, perhaps you) and some bad people seem to prosper.

A great example is found in Genesis in the life of Joseph. He was betrayed by his brothers, falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife, and forgotten in prison by the butler. Yet at the end of his ordeals he was able to truthfully say to his brothers 22 years later that “ye thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive” (Genesis 50:20).

I hope this day finds all well with your soul, but whatever circumstances you are facing have been put there by a kind and loving and sovereign God. They are there to help you to know Him, love Him and serve Him!

Chuck Schwartz is pastor of Bible Baptist Church of Mercer.

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