The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

April 6, 2014

SPORTVIEW: Pirates, Indians fans looking for big things this year

By Lynn Saternow
Herald Sports Editor

OPINION — LIFE IS GOOD if you are a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates or Cleveland Indians. At least for now!

Heading into Saturday, both teams were 3-1 and looking pretty sharp. Since both made the playoffs last year, there are high expectations for both clubs. But in baseball, every year is a new season and there are no guarantees.

Still, it’s always nice when your favorite teams get off to a good start. In too many seasons, Pittsburgh and Cleveland fans were only talking about the NFL draft because hopes were bleak for their baseball teams.

We have heard managers claim that the season is “a marathon, not a sprint” when their teams get off to a bad start. But look how many times at the end of the season, a team misses the playoffs by one or two games.

Therefore every game is important, even though there are 162 of them. So let’s hope the Pirates and Indians keep those wins coming.

As with every team, a good start is great and then we need to see how the teams follow up after the All-Star break. While it may only be a dream, someday it would be nice to see the Pirates and Indians battling it out in the World Series.

With the Indians winning of course!

ä Maybe I’m getting old — OK, no maybes about it — but the opening day ceremonies no longer hold the interest for me that they once did. And I attended many opening days over the years.

One reason is the weather in April in Cleveland. I had to smile as I sat in the warmth of my living room while I waited out the rain delay for the Indians opener. The fans at the stadium were trying to get out of the cold, rainy, windy conditions.

As much as I enjoy the tradition of opening day, I prefer to wait until it is much warmer to attend games near Lake Erie. And with the cost of parking, tickets, food and beverages, it is disappointing to have to endure horrible weather at a ballgame.

You can call me a “fair-weather fan” I guess. But that could also be interpreted as: “A pretty smart person!”

ä Congratulations to Nikki Arbanas, Taylor Hood and Trey Staunch for making All-State teams in basketball as released in Saturday’s Herald. They are three of the players we nominated, along with some others.

However, I will tell you I do not like All-State or any kind of All-Star teams. Many times you are only as good as the teammates around you.

And we sportswriters — The Herald is one of 30 newspapers around the state that vote on the All-State teams — are asked to vote for players we have never seen and just go by stats.

So it’s only natural for many voters to go with players from teams that go deep into the playoffs.

All-Star teams are here to stay I guess. But every kid that tries his or her best in sports is an All-Star in my opinion.