The Herald, Sharon, Pa.

February 15, 2014

Section 2-AA, 3-AA wrestling tourneys begin

Herald staff

- — Mercer County area matmen began their quest for state honors Friday in the Section 2-AA and 3-AA tournaments at Sharon and Greenville high schools respectively.

As expected, there were very few upsets on opening night as top-seeded matmen moved on.

The Section 2-AA event at Sharon continues at 9:30 this morning, with the consolation finals at 3:30 p.m. and parade of champions at 5.

The Section 3-AA event at Greenville resumes at 9 a.m. today with consy finals at 4:30 and parade of champions at 6.

The top four place-winners in each weight class will advance to the District 10 Class AA Tournament at Sharon.

Following is a brief look at each tournament:


Reynolds came into the tournament as a heavy favorite and left no doubt that was still the case as all 14 wrestlers advanced into todayís quarterfinals.

“Ií’ like to get all 14 into the finals,” said Reynolds coach Casey Taylor. “But I know that will be tough. And I’d like to get all 14 to Districts and all 14 to Regions. I don’t think that’s ever been done.

“After state (duals) we set some high goals. We want to keep the kids focused on those goals.”

As expected every top seeded wrestler advanced, most with falls.

Defending champions Sam Breese (285) of Lakeview; Reynolds’ Seth Hogue (113), Levi Stoyer (145) and Mason McCollum (152); as well as Grove City’s Luke Walter (132) all moved into this mornings quarterfinals.


If you think temperatures have been falling this winter, you should have attended Friday afternoon’s annual Section 3-AA wrestling tournament’s quarterfinal round.

At Greenville High, bodies were falling fast and furious, as a total of 32 pins were posted. The thud of officials’ open palms on the mat almost became a rhythmic drumbeat — falls were forged in less than a minute. — as 47 bouts ended early.

Maplewood 170-pounder Jacob Parsons posted a 19-second pin.

Defending titlists Jase Paxton (113), Gage Gladysz (160) and Justin Reynolds (182) of Greenville; Northwestern’s Matt Wheeler (120), Cochranton’s Nate Kline (126) and Robert Boozer (152); Conneaut Area’s Kyle Lukovich (132) and Cambridge Springs’ Zach Stafford (195) were not challenged in Friday’s quarterfinal-round action.

Tournament Director Robin Fisher noted the event is now a 9-team affair, as Fairview has co-oped with McDowell.


Section 2-AA

  Team totals: Reynolds (R) 48.5; Franklin (F) 32; Lakeview (L) 28; Mercer (M) 23; Sharon (Sn) 22; Slippery Rock (SR) 19; West Middlesex (WM) 18; Grove City (GC) 16; Sharpsville (Sv) 14; Hickory (H) 13.


120 - Kelsey Brendlinger (SR) pinned Jacob Powell (GC), 3:32; Nate Spielvogel (F) dec. Colton Pellis (H), 17-10; 132 - Douglas Brennan (WM) pinned Tyler Persing (F), :40; 138 - Cody Persch (L) pinned Maison Millero (Sv), 1:12; Eric Gawne (M) pinned James Scarborough (SR), 1:31; 145 - Manfred Johns (SR) pinned Mike Mellot (Sv), 1:38; 170 - Cordell Sanders (GC) dec. Eli Soles (Sv), 14-12.


106 - Gage Bayless (R) bye; Derick Uber (L) dec. Cory Bable (GC), 6-3; Jules Hicklin (Sn) bye; Dominic Vadala (H) bye.

113 - Justin Walter (H) pinned Keigan Kadylak (F), 1:25; Preston Hoover (M) dec. Markus Coxon (Sn), 6-2; Owen Clayton (L) pinned Bryce Martin (GC), 4:15; Seth Hogue (R) pinned Andy Ryan, 1:46.

120 - Chaise Hauck (R) pinned Brendlinger, :51; Nick Enos (Sv) pinned Mitchell Murray (WM), 3:54; Ben Shaffer (M) dec. Dan Templeton (Sn), 2-0; Jake Heim (L) maj. dec. Spielvogel, 13-3.

126 - Austin Alfreno (Sn) bye; Dreux Harper (F) dec. Chris Micsky (M), 9-2; Stanford Dessaw (H) maj. dec. Dylan McDowell (L), 11-1; Michael Bartolo (R) pinned Adam Johns (SR), :55.

132 - Luke Walter (GC) pinned Brennan, 1:06; Joel Leise (R) pinned Austen Szuge (Sv), 1:07; Jordan Templeton (Sn) pinned Trevor Fowler (M), 2:32; Matt Andrascik (SR) pinned Dylan Fox (H), 1:33.

138 - Troy Hejazi (Sn) pinned Persch, 3:44; Alex DiGregorio (R) dec. Dalton Meals (GC), 7-3; Hunter Cook (F) dec. Brandon Dick (WM), 8-2; Kyle Boyd (H) dec. Gawne, 4-2.

145 - Levi Stoyer (R) pinned Johns, 1:15; Gavin Kroesen (WM) pinned Sam Garner (M), 3:15; Jared Sample (GC) dec. Jason Clark (Sn), 5-0; Derek Steetle (F) pinned Skyler Curry, 2:46.

152 - Chet Simoni (GC) bye; Eli Rutter (M) dec. Nick McClimans (Sn), 1-0; Tyler Carey (F) dec. Noah Bianco (H), 3-2; Mason McCollum (R) pinned Jason Ash (WM), 1:18.

160 - Cory Buchanan (Sn) bye; Kegan Miller (R) maj. dec. Dalton Hilliard (SR), 12-3; Kenny Bable (GC) pinned Marty Baughman (L), 3:15; John Sims (H) dec. Hunter Exley (F), 10-8.

170 - Dakota Geer (F) pinned Sanders, 1:20; Troy Sagulla (M) dec. Robbie Thomas (H), 6-0; Giovanni Volpe (Sn) pinned Joey Trippy (WM), 3:25; Mike Millero (R), 16-1, 1:59.

182 - Beau Dignall (Sn) pinned Trent Legal (L), :34; Eric Lucich (WM) pinned Nate Miller (F), 1:49; Austin Moffett (R) dec. Shane Slater (SR), 7-3; P.J. Campoli (Sv) pinned Dom Lenzi (H), 1:22.

195 - Marquis Spence (L) bye; Zane Wolf (SR) dec. Bryce Laughlin (Sn), 9-2; Denton Zeronas (R) bye; Chris Mueller (Sv) bye.

220 - Cole Rickert (R) bye; Colton Smith (M) pinned Brad Garmen (H), :23; Jake Llewellyn (Sv) pinned Jared Reppart (GC), :53; Andrew Clayton (L) pinned Tom Flanders (Sn), 1:46.

285 - Sam Breese (L) bye; Mike McCool (F) pinned Brian Phillips (M), :51; Gene Ringer (R) pinned Morgan Kordes (GC), :49; Jeffery Spencer (WM) pinned Jared Miley (H), 1:16.


Consolation pigtails

120 - Spielvogel pinned Powell, 2:55; Brendlinger pinned Pellis, 4:37; 132 - Persing pinned Fox, 1:47; 138 - Gawne forfeit; Persch pinned Scarborough, :47; 145 - Curry pinned Mellot, 2:12; 170 - Daugherty pinned Soles, 4:30.


Region 3-AA

Team standings and Key: Greenville (G) 36; Jamestown (J) 32; Cambridge Springs (Spa) 20; Maplewood (M) 19; Cochranton (Coch), Northwestern (N) 17; Commodore Perry (CP) 13 1⁄2; Conneaut Area (CASH) 12; Girard (Gir) 6.


152 — Greg Vandervort (N) major dec. Devin Foster (CASH), 12-1.


106 — Michael Lineman (G) pinned Raven Magrino (CASH), 0:33; Hunter Goodlin (J) pinned Nathan Regelman (N), 2:48; Austin Armagost (CP) pinned Jake Kuhn (Spa), 0:24; Kenyon Andrews (M) dec. Devan Davis (Coch), 10-7.

113 — Tanner Rhoades (CASH), 4:08; Jase Paxson (G) pinned Hunter Patterson (Gir), 0:44; Faris Messai (J) bye.

120 — Joey Safner (G) pinned Michael Mosconi (CP), 2:46; David Marvin (M) pinned Tim Lusk (CP), 2:55; Matt Kemper (Gir) dec. Clayton Shirey (J), 4-1; Matt Wheeler (N) bye.

126 — John Mott (CP) pinned Hunter Bruno (Gir), 0:35; Nate Kline (Coch) pinned David Schwab (Spa), 1:37; Brandon Moss (G) pinned Henry Coyle (M), 2:38; Cameron Adamson (CASH) pinned Austin Howard, 3:30.

132 — Don Reichard (Spa) pinned Brandon Morton (M), 3:59; Blake Reynolds (G) pinned John Herrmann (CP), 0:46; Jared Morrison (Coch) pinned Ethan Mitchell (N), 2:46; Kyle Lukowich (CASH) bye.

138 — Gavin Wilkerson (G) pinned Hunter Sullivan (CASH), 0:37; Shayne Vorse (N) pinned Dylan O?Donnell (Coch), 1:01; Tony Leonard (CP) tech. fall  Archie Loop (Spa), 17-2 (3:01); Jacob Reaugh (J) pinned Baily Moore (Gir), 2:54.

145 — Taylor Ellis (CASH) injury def. Shane Osborne (CP), 0:01; Devin Randall (J) pinned Bryan Cundy (Gir) 1:25; Isaac Merritt (N) dec. Jake Yarnell (Coch), 11-5; Derek Watt (G) dec. Colton Cox (Spa), 8-5.

152 — Jeremy Parsons (M) pinned Alex Mozes (CP), 3:36; Robert Boozer (Coch) pinned Vandervort, 1:44; Jacob Rickert (G) pinned Trey Lamont (J), 1:05; Jordan Friend (Gir) dec. Zack Klein (Spa), 13-8.

160 — Jacob Alexander (M) major dec. Logan Jacobs (Coch), 13-4; Colton Noble (Spa) pinned Jacob McCloskey (CP), 0:58; Garrett Morgan (J) pinned Trevor Mohra (CASH), 336; Gage Gladysz (G) bye.

170 — Deven Simpson (Spa) pinned Brad Carlini (Coch), 3:46; Jacob Parsons (M) pinned Garrett Arnold (CP), 0:19; Braden Morris (CASH) pinned Nate Blattner (J), 3:31; Zach Miller (G) bye.

182 — Hunter Cox (Spa) pinned Blake Miller (Coch), 1:16; Mohamed Messai (J) pinned Aaron Brown (CASH), 1:31; Austin Binkert (M) dec. Kyle Panko (N), 1-0; Justin Reynolds (G) bye.

195 — James Wilkerson (G) pinned David McChesney (CP), 0:41; Zach Stafford (Spa) bye; William Shappee (J) pinned Wesley Gerber (CASH), 057; Isaiah Stearns (M) bye.

220 — Lane Hall (Coch) pinned Randall Peabody (G), 3:27; Jason Shappee (J) pinned Darin Free (M), 2:43; Connor Overman (CASH) bye; Ryan East (Spa) bye.

285 — Trenton Wargo (J) pinned Mason Horne (G), 2:27; Clay Markovich (N) dec. Brian Lipps (CASH), 4-2, (OT); Evan Miller (Coch) bye; Blaine Wolfrom (Spa) bye.


152 — Alex Mozes (CP) major dec. Devin Foster (CASH), 11-0.