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February 16, 2013

Section wrestling tourneys begin!

---- — The section wrestling tournaments opened Friday with Mercer County area teams competing at Sharon and Greenville High Schools.

Both the Section 2-AA event at Sharon and Section 3-AA tourney at Greenville get down to business today after the opening night action which saw very few upsets because of seedings that pair top wrestlers with lowest ranked matmen.

In the Section 2 event, the Reynolds High Raiders are seeking their 43rd sectional title, far and away the record in this area and advanced 12 wrestlers into the semis. In the Section 3 tourney, Greenville is the defending champ and shooting for a 13th crown in its history.

Three wrestlers in Section 2 are driving for their third straight individual titles when action resumes today with semifinals at 9:30 a.m. — Reynolds’ Austin Matthews (152) and Jamar Henry (182); Sharon’s Jarray Norris (126); and Sharpsville’s Ben Bucher.

The consy finals are set for 3:30 with parade of champions at 5, followed by the finals.

In the Section 3 tournament, Greenville’s Braden Gladysz and Blake Horne are looking for their second crowns. Jamestown’s defending champ Jonas Reaugh (120) was forced out of the tourney with a knee injury.

That tournament begans at 9 a.m. today with consy finals at 4:30 p.m. and parade of champions at 6 preceding the finals.

The top four place-winners in each tournament advance to the District 10 tourney next weekend.

Section 2-AA

Key: Franklin (F), Grove City (GC), Hickory (H), Lakeview (L), Mercer (Mr), Reynolds (R), Sharon (Sn), Sharpsville (Sv), Slippery Rock (SR), West Middlesex (WM)


  120 – Dustin Kosar (Sv) pinned Dylan Fox (H), 2:51; 132 – Troy Hejazi (Sn) dec. Cam Cianci (R), 5-1; 138 – David Cook (WM) dec. Chris Rensel (SR), 7-4; 160 – Isaiah Chavez (Sn) pinned D’Andre Byers (GC), 3:55; Robbie Thomas (H) dec. Marty Baughman (L), 7-1; 285 – Lucas Combine (WM) dec. Gary Facemyer (H), 7-0.


106 – Evan Clayton (L) tech fall D.J. Templeton (Sn), 15-0, 5:12; Preston Hoover (Mr) pinned Mitchell Murray (WM), 5:21 Seth Hogue (R) pinned Andy Ryan (Sv), :57; Justin   Walter (H) pinned Chad Bable (GC), :38.

 113– Cody Buchanan (Sn) bye; Zach Sharrer (F) pinned Adam Bellucci (WM), :29; Austin Szugye (Sv) pinned Colton Pellis (H), 2:18; Mike Bartolo (R ) pinned Austin King (Mr), 2:08.

120 – Dave Huselton (SR) pinned Kosar, 5:04; Austin Alfredo (Sn) dec. Ben Shaffer (Mr), 7-2; Dreux Harper (F) dec. Jake Heim (L), 8-4; Nick Nottingham (R) dec. Kenny Bable (GC), 7-2.

126 -  Jarray Norris (Sn) bye; Stanford Dessaw (H) dec. Brandon Dick (WM), 13-11; Mason McCollum (R) pinned Trevor Fowler (Mr), 1:18; Ryan Grace (GC) pinned Joe Sofranko (Sv), 3:34

132 – Luke Walter (GC) dec. Hejazi, 4-3; Dustin Schleifer (L) dec. Matt Andrascik (SR), 4-0; Gavin Kroesen (WM) dec. Miles Bowser (Sv), 2-0; Hunter Cook (F) pinned Kyle Boyd (H), 1:49.

138 – Michael Bonner (Sn) pinned Cook, 1:10; Matt Leise (R) dec. Jared Sample (GC), 5-2; Chris Enos (Sv) dec. Noah Bianco (H), 8-4; Rodney Brant (Mr) pinned Brandon Persch (L), :27.

145 – Levi Stoyer (R) pinned Manny Johns (SR), :21; John Sims (H) dec. Tyler Carey (F), 6-3; Andrew Campbell (Sn) dec. Joey Pagliaroli (Sv), 8-4; Trey Maher (GC) tech fall Kevin Reno (Mr), 18-2, 3:17.

152 – Austin Matthews (R) pinned Jason Ash (WM), :34; Alex Shaffer (Mr) dec. Cory Buchanan (Sn), 7-1; Chet Simoni (GC) pinned Shane Beatty (H), 3:59; Dakota Geer (F) tech fall Nate Findley (Sv), 16-1, 3:54.

160 – Ben BuCher (Sv) tech fall Chavez, 15-0, 2:25;  Clay Ruffo (Mr) pinned Dalton Hilliard (SR), 5:55; Michael Millero (R) pinned Luke Hemminger (WM), 3:38; Derek Steetle (F), 1:15.

170 – Chris Matthews (F) pinned Chris Williams (Sv), :16; Austin Slagle (Mr) dec. Austin Moffett (R ), 7-3; Eric Lucich (WM) pinned Zane Wolf (SR), 1:16; Marquis Spence (L) pinned Dom Lenzi (H), 1:14.

182 – Joe Hines (H) bye; Chris Mueller (Sv) dec. Ryan Brunson (Mr), 2-1; Beau Dignall (Sn) maj. dec. Shane Slater (SR), 17-4; Jamar Henry (R) bye.

195 – Dan Geer (F) bye; Brian Phillips (Mr) pinned Brad Garmen (H), 2:28; Denton Zeronas (R) dec. Andrew Clayton (L), 5-3; Cody Hughes (Sv) pinned Stephen Boyle (GC), :44.

220 – Colton Smith (Mr) pinned Austin Stelene (GC), 1:16; Jeff Rial (F) dec. Tim Kerr (SR), 5-3; Jake Llewellyn (Sv) pinned Jeff Spencer (WM), 4:53; Logan Rickert (R) pinned Marcus Bowser (L), :50.

285 – Forrest Christmann (SR) pinned Combine, :21; Gene Ringer (R ) maj. dec. Mike Wisner (F) 11-3; Kaleb Robertson (Sv) dec. Jon Hennegan (Mr), 3-1  OT; Sam Breese (L) pinned Anthony Leak (Sn), :59



120 – Bable pinned Fox, 2:03; 132 – Cianci maj. dec. Boyd, 9-1; 138 – Persch pinned Rensel, 2:36;  160 – Thomas dec. Byers, 5-2; Chavez pinned Baughman, 2:06



Team standings

1. Maplewood 37, 2. Greenville 34.5, 3. Conneaut Area 33, 4. Cochranton 26, 5. Jamestown 20, 6. Northwestern 13, 7. Girard 11, 8. Cambridge Springs 8, 9. Fairview 6, 10. Commodore Perry 4.

1st round

106—Faris Messai, Jamestown, bye; Austin Howard, Northwestern, pinned Cole Adams, Cochranton, 1:23; Raven Mangrino, Conneaut Area, major. dec. Jake Kuhn, Cambridge Springs 15-3; Jase Paxton, Greenville, bye.

113—Nate Kline, Cochranton, bye; Joey Safner, Greenville, dec. Scott Thurber, Jamestown, 15-8; David Marvin, Maplewood, pinned Matt Kemper, Girard, 1:30; Bruce Copeland, Northwestern, pinned Tim Lusk, Commodore Perry, :45.

120—Matt Wheeler, Northwestern, bye; Garrett Zaborowski, Fairview, pinned Shane Reiser, Cochranton, 2:56; Nicholas Moss, Conneaut Area, pinned Dave Schwab, Cambridge Springs, 1:20; Daniel Simmerman, Maplewood pinned John Herrman, Commodore Perry, 2:32.

126—Kyle Lukowich, Conneaut Area, pinned Clayton Shirey, Jamestown, :22; Henry Coyle, Maplewood, pinned Chris Ryan, Cambridge Springs, :54; Isaac Howard, Northwestern, dec. Craig Trumbull, Greenville, 4-0; Jared Morrison, Cochranton, pinned Kyle Crotty, Fairview, 1:13.

132—Nick Floch, Jamestown, pinned Don Reichard, Cambridge Springs, 1:26; Derek Watt, Greenville, pinned Jake Yarnell, Cochranton, 4:40; Zak Dennis, Maplewood, major dec. Ian Pettis, Northwestern, 11-2; Trevor McCray, Girard, pinned Colin Stuyvesant, Conneaut Area, :41.

138—Gage Dalton, Girard, bye; Zach Krein, Cambridge Springs, pinned Kyle Nuhfer, Maplewood, 3:50; Jacob Riffe, Greenville, pinned Isaac Merritt, Northwestern, 1:05; Seth Thurber, Jamestown, pinned Zane Chimiak, Commodore Perry, 2:41.

145—Talor Ellis, Conneaut Area, bye; Jaim Crecraft, Cambridge Springs, pinned Pearce Kuzior, Commodore Perry, 5:29; Devin Randall, Jamestown, bye; Jeremy Parsons, Maplewood, bye; Jacob Rickert, Greenville, bye; Anthony Minecci, Fairview, bye; Jordan Friend, Girard, bye; Robert Boozer, Cochranton, bye.

152—Bodey McClintock, Maplewood, bye; Bradley Davidson, Conneaut Area, pinned Ben Lipinski, Fairview, 2:51; Garrett Morgan, Jamestown, bye; Caleb Peterson, Cochranton, bye; Tyler Osborne, Commodore Perry, bye; Sebastian Rinehardt, Northwestern, bye; Cody Ryan, Cambridge Springs, pinned Bryan Cundy, Girard, 3:33; Blake Horne, Greenville, bye.

160—Jake Parsons, Maplewood, pinned Mathias Shappee, Jamestown, :31; Christian Bock, Girard, major dec. John Anderson, Fairview, 13-4; Gage Gladysz, Greenville, tech. fall Hunter Cox, Cambridge Springs, 4:00 (15-0); Ryan Northcott, Cochranton, pinned Matt Cherry, Northwestern, 3:28.

170—Austin Andrews, Cochranton, pinned Trevor Grode, Fairview, :50; Caleb Phelps, Conneaut Area, def. Colton Noble, Cambridge Springs, disqualification; Garrett Behringer, Northwestern, major dec. Jacob Alexander, Maplewood, 14-4; Zach Miller, Greenville, pinned Mohamed Messai, Jamestown, 3:36.

182—Isiah Stearns, Maplewood, pinned Vitaliy Kleschevinikov, Girard, 2:53; Paul Beresford, Conneaut Area, pinned Shane Keller, Cochranton, :48; William Shappee, Jamestown, pinned Cody Washek, Northwestern, 2:31; Justin Reynolds, Greenville, pinned Devon Simpson, Cambridge Springs, :54.

195—Zach Stafford, Cambridge Springs, bye; Dan Daugherty, Girard, pinned Alex Ho, Greenville, 3:17; Jason Shappee, Jamestown, pinned Brandon Locke, Fairview, 2:22; Austin Binkert, Maplewood, pinned Zachary Garland, Conneaut Area, :27.

220—Cam Cyphert, Cochranton, bye; James Wilkerson, Greenville, dec. Ryan East, Cambridge Springs, 5-4; Ryan Cardman, Fairview, dec. Clay Markovich, Northwestern, 7-0; Keamus Schulen, Jamestown, pinned Brandon Hall, Girard, 3:31.

285—Braden Gladysz, Greenville, bye; Tim Galford, Maplewood, bye; Evan Miller, Cochranton, pinned Blaine Wolfrom, Cambridge Springs, 5:10; Brian Lipps, Conneaut Area, pinned Kyle Titus, Girard, :53.

2nd round

145—Talor Ellis, Conneaut Area, pinned Jaim Crecraft, Cambridge Springs, 1:13; Jeremy Parsons, Maplewood, dec. Devin Randall, Jamestown 4-2; Jacob Rickert, Greenville, pinned Anthony Minecci, Fairview, 4:24; Robert Boozer, Cochranton, pinned Jordan Friend, Girard, 4:38.

152—Bodey McClintock, Maplewood, pinned Bradley Davidson, Conneaut Area, 1:12; Caleb Peterson, Cochranton, dec. Garrett Morgan, Jamestown, 6-2; Tyler Osborne, Commodore Perry, dec. Sebastian Rinehardt, Northwestern, 9-2; Blake Horne, Greenville, pinned Cody Ryan, Cambridge Springs, :50.


1st round

106—Cole Adams, Cochranton, bye; Jake Kuhn, Cambridge Springs, bye.

113—Scott Thurber, Jamestown, bye.

120—Shane Reiser, Cochranton, bye.

138—Kyle Nuhfer, Maplewood, bye.

145—Pearce Kuzior, Commodore Perry, bye.

152—Ben Lipinski, Fairview, bye; Bryan Cundy, Girard, bye.

195—Alex Ho, Greenville, bye.

220—Ryan East, Cambridge Springs, bye.

285—Blaine Wolfrom, Cambridge Springs, bye; Kyle Titus, Girard, bye.

2nd round

145—Anthony Minecci, Fairview, bye; Devin Randall, Jamestown, bye; Jaim Crecraft, Cambridge Springs, bye; Jordan Friend, Girard, pinned Pearce Kuzior, Commodore Perry, 2:28.

152—Sebastian Rinehardt, Northwestern, bye; Garrett Morgan, Jamestown, bye; Cody Ryan, Cambridge Springs, pinned Cody Ryan, Cambridge Springs, 2:46; Bradley Davidson, Conneaut Area, pinned Bryan Cundy, Girard, 1:51.

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  • Celebrate! Hickory track coaches near finish line

    While the Shenango Valley lionizes legendary gridiron greats and hardwood heroes, the sport of track & field at Hickory High has resonated its relevance throughout District 10 and commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
    For the better part of the last 3 decades that was due, to a great extent, to the efforts of Barb Dzuricsko and Mark Slezak.
    More than 200 dual-meet victories combined between the girls’ and boys’ programs, 9 district championships (7 girls, 2 boys), 2 statewide runners-up berths and another pair of 3rd-place finishes, culminating in the Lady Hornets’ 2012 PIAA Class AA championship.
    Their collective resumé would be envied by any coach, regardless of sport. Which makes this recent revelation regrettable: Dzuricsko and Slezak simultaneously will step down at this season’s conclusion.

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  • Roundup: Trojans, Hounds win team titles at WM Invitational

    Wilmington High girls and Greenville boys dominated the annual Big Red Track & Field Invitational Thursday afternoon in West Middlesex.
    A half-dozen girls’ and 7 boys’ teams competed.
    Wilmington overwhelmed the female field, as the Lady Greyhounds garnered almost twice as many points as runner-up Lakeview (236-5 to 133.5).

    April 18, 2014

  • Aaron Webb Roundup: WM diamondmen edge Reynolds, 6-4

    ä West Middlesex 6, Reynolds 4 — At Transfer, the Big Reds snapped a 4-all tie by plating a run in the 4th inning and another in the 7th in a 2-run win over the Raiders.
    Mark Colella earned the mound win in a relief appearance for WM. No pitching stats were submitted.

    April 17, 2014 1 Photo

  • Roundup: Hickory, Wilmington softball teams win

    Paced by Chelsea Marriott’s muscle, Hickory High hammered 4 home runs Saturday afternoon en route to a 19-1 rout of Sharon.
    At Wengler, Marriott mauled 2- and 3-run round-trippers to right-center and straightaway center field, respectively. Her Lady Hornets’ teammates Hannah Gallagher and Morgan McBride mustered 3-run bombs, also.

    April 13, 2014

  • Fired coach in Mankato unjustly accused of visiting porn sites

    Minnesota State University-Mankato officials wrongly accused former football coach Todd Hoffner of viewing pornography sites on his work  computer  before firing him last May, a state arbitrator has disclosed.

    April 11, 2014

  • Roundup: Hickory track coaches to step down following season

    Hickory High track & field co-head coaches Barb Dzuricsko and Mark Slezak announced they will step down at the season’s conclusion.
    Dzuricsko and Slezak, who led the Lady Hornets to the 2012 PIAA Class AA crown, jointly made the announcement via e-mail late Wednesday.

    April 11, 2014

  • Nikolo Lima Roundup: Devil diamondmen roll past Sharon

    An old-school baseball bromide states that, early in any season, pitching is always ahead of hitting. However Sharpsville shunned that axiom Wednesday afternoon.
    The Blue Devils banged 15 hits, and Sharpsville short-circuited Sharon, 16-4, in 5 innings.

    April 10, 2014 1 Photo

  • Haley Boyd Roundup: Hounds, Hornets notch track sweeps

    ä Wilmington 116, Reynolds 44 — At New Wilmington, the host Lady Hounds were led by Rikki Brumbaugh (4x8, 4x4 relay legs, 400- and 800-meter runs); Hannah Drake (long, triple jumps, 4x4 relay); Allison Baldwin (4x8 and 4x4 relay legs); Lexi Brumbaugh (1600-, 3200-meter runs, distance-relay leg), and Tessa Sikora (high jump, 200-meter dash, sprint-relay anchor).

    April 9, 2014 1 Photo

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    Still, it’s always nice when your favorite teams get off to a good start. In too many seasons, Pittsburgh and Cleveland fans were only talking about the NFL draft because hopes were bleak for their baseball teams.

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  • Nikki Arbanas Hickory's Arbanas 1st team All-State; KC's Hood 3rd team

    ALTOONA, Pa. (AP) — Teams from the WPIAL won three of the four PIAA girls basketball championships this year, and southwestern Pennsylvania is turning out to be just as dominant when it comes to postseason honors.
    Pittsburgh-area programs produced seven of the eight major award winners on this season’s Sports Writers Pennsylvania High School Girls Basketball All-State Team, including all four players of the year.

    April 5, 2014 1 Photo

  • Trey Staunch WM's Staunch named 2nd team All-State

    HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Finishing on the winning side in a championship game — or coming mighty, mighty close — scored plenty of points with the panel that selected Pennsylvania’s all-state boys’ basketball team.
    Especially when it came time to choose those — whether players or coaches — who claimed the top individual awards.

    April 5, 2014 1 Photo

  • Brady Leunis Roundup: Hickory, Mercer, Reynolds, WM baseball teams earn wins

    ä Hickory 12, Sharpsville 10 — At the McCullough Run Complex in South Pymatuning Twp., the visiting Hornets improved to 4-0 with the win.
    Brady Leunis went 2-for-3 for Hickory with a double and 3 RBI, Tommy Cannon belted a 2-run homer, Noah Orndorff was 2-for-4, Nate Mastrian ripped an RBI-double, Ethan Davis was 2-for-4 with a double and a run driven in and Jake Andrzjewski doubled.

    April 3, 2014 1 Photo

  • Jordyn Allen Roundup: WM, Wilmington, Mercer softball teams win

    ä West Middlesex 11, Grove City 1 (5 inn.) — At the Richard J. Kritz Softball Complex in West Middlesex, Jordyn Allen fired a complete-game 2-hitter with 8 strikeouts and no walks as the Ms. Reds (1-1) rebounded from a tough loss to Lakeview on Monday.
    Offensively, Allen doubled and ripped 2 singles for WM, Abby McAdams and Aly Andrusky doubled and singled, Macy Siefert collected 4 singles and Hannah Havens, Megan Hazlett and Oivia Slater added 2 singles each.

    April 2, 2014 1 Photo

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