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July 13, 2006

Q&A with Mrs. Dave Blaney

Lisa takes the driver's seat

V&V; talks with Lisa Blaney, wife of NASCAR driver Dave Blaney

V&V;: How do you keep it real?

Lisa: “My family. That’s my focus now. The biggest thing we do to keep it normal is we don’t go every weekend (to her husband’s races.) I know those who go every weekend, but those are the ones who complain they don’t have a normal life.

“A long time ago when he was racing dirt cars, we were out 110 nights a year. We’d be gone weeks at a time when the kids were little. We had a great life, but we knew one day our oldest (Emma) would be in kindergarten. And homeschool was not even an option for us. I think it would be pretty hard to come off the road and not have any friends in the neighborhood or have other kids be in school when we would get home. We knew what we were going to do right from the beginning. It was actually pretty easy when they were little. Now (with all their interests) it gets a little rough,” she said with a laugh.

V&V;: What’s the biggest challenge you face with keeping it real?

Lisa: “I feel my toughest challenge is the same as any other wife’s challenge: Keeping your kids morally on the right track; helping them make good choices; staying honest with yourself. The biggest challenge raising kids in society today has nothing to do with racing.

“I’ve never viewed Dave’s job as more than Dave’s job. It’s the same as being a firefighter or a doctor. I think anybody with a husband who travels a lot for their job, well there are times I have to make a decision when I’m home and Dave’s gone. Sometimes it’s harder when Dave’s gone, but it’s not any different than any other wife whose husband travels.”

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