Frozen toys

A pair of Oklahoma women didn't want to wait for Santa to bring them their Christmas gifts. They decided to take matters into their own hands by attempting an early-morning heist.

According to, Sand Springs Police officers are looking for two women who pepper sprayed Wal-Mart employees while trying to steal approximately $700 worth of toys.

Police said the two women attempted to leave the store at 1:30 a.m. on Monday with two shopping carts full of Disney "Frozen" toys that hadn't been paid for.

Three store employees confronted the women at which point one suspect pulled out a can of pepper spray and used it on the employees.

According to the police, the suspects are described as two African-American women. One is about five feet tall and heavy set. The other had a short hair cut with a heart shape shaved into it.

Despite being pepper sprayed, the employees didn't allow the carts of toys to be taken. The two women fled dark-colored PT Cruiser.

Paramedics treated the three employees at the scene. - Wal-Mart security video |

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