bridge winners

Men’s Duplicate at Hickory VFW

July 11: 1. Fred Brewer, 2. Stan Freedman and 3. Joan Wickerham.

Penn-Ohio at Hickory

July 12: 1. Serena Nevant and Anita Heichel tied with Mary Ellen Zola and Fred Brewer and 2. Helen Dunn and Lou White.

Men’s Duplicate

July 18: 1. Alan Nathan tied with Fred Brewer and 2. Norma Weinel tied with Gary Rose.

July 25: 1. Beverly Nathan, 2. Alan Nathan and 3. Joan Wickerham tied with Bill Everall. Tuesday Duplicate

July 23: 1. Trish Winslow and Lou White, 2. Anita Heichel and Stan Freedman and 3. Bobbie Goldstone and Joan Purdie.

July 30: 1. Trish Winslow and Lou White, 2. Bobbie Goldstone and Joan Purdie and 3. Eileen Oster and MaryAnn Ondich tied with Anita Heichel and Stan Freedman.

Penn-Ohio Duplicate

July 19: Jean Hodge and Fred Brewer, 2. Anne Pajak and Stan Freedman and 3. Carolyn Stevenson and Mary Ellen Zola.

July 26: 1. Jean Hodge and Fred Brewer, 2. Carol Rich and Lou White and 3. Beverly and Alan Nathan.

Thursday bridge at Senior Center

July 18: 1. MaryAnn Ondich and Barbara Sanders, 2. Patty Manley and Rita Ferringer and 3. Adele Dengel and Joan Purdie.

July 25: 1. Adele Dengel and Bob Vadala, 2. MaryAnn Ondich and Gayle Anderson.