Bridge winners

Thursday Duplicate

1. Adele Dengel and Anita Heichel and 2. Gus Benge and Joan Purdie.

Tuesday Duplicate

June 25: 1. Trish Winslow and Lou White and Surrena Nevant and Lois Wetzel; 2. Anita Heichel and Stan Freedman and 3. Mary Ann Ondich and Gus Benge.

July 2: 1. Mary Ann Ondich and Mick Puhl; 2. Trish Winslow and Lou White, 3. Bobbie Goldstone and Joan Purdie.

Twelve PalsĀ 

1. Rosemary Picirilli and Rosemary Martincic and 2. Natalie Magula and Bonnie Saxe.