Tuesday Duplicate

Aug. 20: 1. Trish Winslow and Lou White; 2. Anita Heichel and Stan Freedman; and 3. Lois Wetzel and Serena Nevant.

Aug. 27: 1. Anita Heichel and Stan Freedman and Trish Winslow and Lou White; 2. Eileen Oster and Maryann Ondich; and 3. Mick Puhl and Joan Purdie.

Third Monday Duplicate

Aug. 19: Elinor McDowell and Natalie Magula and Bonnie Saxe and Naomi Manion.

12 Pals Duplicate

Aug. 23: 1. Elinor McDowell and Naomi Manion; 2. Alice Wagner and Natalie Magula tied with Joan Walker and Rosemary Picirilli; and 3. Sue Bentson and Bonnie Saxe.

Senior Center Thursday Duplicate

Aug. 22: 1. Kathy Rosa and Rita Ferringer; and 2. Jan Gosnell and Barbara Sanders tied with Eileen Oster and Anita Heichel.

Aug. 15: 1. Jan Gosnell and Rita Ferringer; 2. Gayle Anderson and Barbara Sanders; and 3. Kathy Rosa and Bob Vadala.

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