Things to do


• Sharon Regional Hospice is looking for volunteers for its Veteran to Veteran Volunteer Program. The program is looking for veterans to provide support and companionship to its Veteran Hospice Patients. Organizers also extend their thanks to all veterans.

Those interested should contact Erin Zahniser, volunteer coordinator, at 724-308-7322 if you would be interested in learning more about how to make a difference in the life of a veteran.


• St. John’s Orthodox Church, 3180 Morefield Rd., Hermitage, is holding a holiday bake sale on Dec. 12. Pick up is from 10 a.m. to noon. Baked goods available: braided cheese rolls (plain, apricot or raspberry), $10 each; kolache (nut roll or poppy seed), $12 each; chocolate fudge with/without nuts, $5 for 6 pieces; peanut butter fudge, $5 for 6 pieces; sweet raisin bread, $10 each. Cookies available for $6 a dozen: buckeyes; spritz; Christmas cream wafers; church windows; kiffle (walnut or apricot); peanut blossoms; pizzelle (vanilla or anise); snowballs (contains nuts); thumbprint; walnut tassies; Italian wedding (lemon extract with icing); sugar free oatmeal (plain, raisins or chocolate chips).

Call or text Francine at 724-699-7614 to place your order. Deadline is Nov. 21.

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