Edinboro University

• Cadet Zachary Hackett of Brookfield was one of 10 cadets officially commissioned by Edinboro University’s ROTC leadership team and will now enter active military duty as officers in the U.S. Army.

Zachary was commissioned as an active-duty officer in the United States Army Ordinance Corps. He was a member of the Color Guard team, Army Ten Miler and Arctic Challenge Captain. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration - Accounting.

Since Edinboro University’s ROTC program founding in 1973, the Fighting Scots Battalion has commissioned more than 300 U.S. Army officers.

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Reynolds Junior-Senior High School

Reynolds Junior-Senior High School has announced its 2020 seniors with the highest grade point average. These students are honored yearly as the “Top Ten.” Each student is asked to honor a teacher they believe helped them to gain the knowledge they needed to attain their academic success.

• Cole Bayless – Mr. Marc Risavi (Social Studies)

• Isabella McCollum – Mrs. Kate Tyson (English)

• Gianna Tofani – Mrs. Maggie Luciani (English)

• Kate Crist – Mr. Seth Little (Biology)

• James Shafer – Mr. Anthony Masterofrancesco (Social Studies)

• Aidan Pocza – Mrs. MaryAnn Tofani (Librarian/Biology)

• Ashley Davis – Mr. Jeff Sweigard (Math)

• Brianna Micsky – Mrs. Jane Coburn (Chemistry)

• Grace Shafer – Mr. Dan Williams (English)

• Destiny Greene – Mr. Nate Addleman (Physics)

• Bryce McCloskey – Mrs. Tina Wagner (Spanish)