Clarion University

CLARION — These local students qualified for Clarion University’s 2005-06 second semester dean’s list by earning a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a scale of 4:

• Farrell — Douglas T. Mawhinney and Cayla A. Pollock.

• Fredonia — Ryan O. Brundage, Joseph E. Dunlap, Amy B. Flickinger, Trichelle E. Hoovler and Natalie E. Kennell.

• Greenville — Allyson L. Blaschak, Melissa S. Daugherty, Emily S. McDonald, Jessica R. Saul and Daniel J. Williams.

• Grove City — Amber L. Braham, Shane A. Darcangelo, Regina M. Letonek, Jessica R. Lowden, Bryan M. Mullins, Ashley R. Sloan and Jessi L. Volaric.

• Hadley — Christopher D. Clark and Stacey L. Shawkey.

• Hermitage — Shannon M. Baker, Rachel A. Cornelius, Ashley B. Doutt, Jessica L. Du, Jessica L. Hogue, Marcus A. Horvath, Laura K. Johns, Julia K. Kurth, Elizabeth A. Mudrey, Ellie N. Panin, Roslyn E. Piccirilli, Kalynn Shollenberger and David M. Whalen.

• Jackson Center — Katie A. Ansell and Johnathan C. Boughner.

• Jamestown — Kathryn E. DePree, Hannah L. Turner and Rebekah R. Turner.

• Mercer — Danielle A. Danielson, Nathan L. Glaser, Jamie E. Gluvna, Paul M. Mastarone and Elizabeth J. Thompson.

• New Wilmington — Carson Y. Birney, Bryce M. Cubbal and Marce E. Cunningham.

• Pulaski — Carla A. Gentile.

• Sandy Lake — Jaime L. Hicks, Jesse L. Kerr, Melissa L. Montgomery, Jason E. Roberts, Jennifer A. VanDyke and Dale A. Walker.

• Sharon — Daniel M. Bottenfield, Erica M. Chavara, Alison R. Paoletta and Bradley T. Solyan.

• Sharpsville — Sharilynn M. Jones, Amanda M. Pisarcik and Scott J. Reffner.

• Sheakleyville — John K. Shaffer.

• Stoneboro — Justin A. Becki, Gregory A. Beggs, Douglas D. Engstrom, Lauren A. Hogue, Gary C. Shaw and Amy B. Winger.

• Transfer — Kristin M. Larson.

• Volant — Kandace M. Kendall and Kelsey E. Kimmel.

• West Middlesex — Sarah E. Marche.

Grove City College

GROVE CITY — Local residents were among those named to Grove City College’s 2006 spring semester dean’s list.

These students qualified with high distinction by earning grade point averages between 3.85 and 4.0:

• Grove City — Jason Haugh, son of John and Diane Haugh, a mechanical engineering major; Jill McDougall, daughter of Edward and Janet McDougall, elementary education.

• Jackson Center — Ashley Badger, daughter of Michael and Ruby Badger, elementary education.

• Mercer — Jessica Moose, daughter of Dennis and Connie Moose, Spanish.

• Jamestown — Danielle McElhaney, daughter of Stanley and Debra McElhaney, elementary education.

• West Middlesex — Andy Leuenberger, son of the Rev. James and Pamela Leuenberger, molecular biology.

These students qualified with distinction by earning GPAs between 3.6 and 3.84:

• Fredonia — Laura Byers, daughter of Charles and Billie Byers, communication.

• Grove City — Nate Moore, son of Russell and Diane Moore, mechanical engineering; Janelle Leone, daughter of Joseph and Mona Leone, business and communication; and Patrick McElroy, son of Greg and Gloria McElroy, English.

• Mercer — Leah Acker, daughter of Peter and Patricia Acker, electrical engineering; Jonathan Breese, son of John and Kathryn Breese, finance; and Rachel Learned, daughter of Rod and Jeniece Learned, elementary education.

• New Wilmington — Kylie Mackaness, daughter of Kimball and Laurie Mackaness, biology.

• Stoneboro — Emily Elder, daughter of Frederick and Barbara Elder, elementary education; and Katie Lengauer, daughter of Michael and Margaret Lengauer, elementary education.

These students qualified by earning GPAs between 3.4 and 3.59:

• Grove City — Rachel Littlefield, daughter of Wayne and Linda Littlefield, Edmond, Okla., and a Grove City High School alumna, marketing management; Carly Denniston, daughter of Bruce and Debra Denniston, business and communication; and Tiffany Emmett, daughter of Scott Emmett and Lisa Emmett, Spanish.

• Hermitage — Donna Szabo, daughter of Robert and Catherine Szabo, history.

• Mercer — Bryan Galus, son of Michael and Karen Galus, mechanical engineering; and Jenny Parker, daughter of Bonnie Parker, music.

• Volant — Kristen Hughes, daughter of Mark and Carol Hughes, Spanish.

• West Middlesex — Alicia Stefanek, son of Gerald and Kellee Stefanek, mathematics.

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