BUTLER – Butler County Community College announces the names of students who have made the President’s List and Dean’s List for the spring 2020 semester.

President’s List:

Greenville – Avery Ellis and Laura Weiss.

Grove City – Abigail Foley, Chelsie Kerns, Michelle Long, Megan Meyerl, Casey Rust, Katrina Schmidt, and Kade Swartz.

Harrisville – William McCoy and Madison Ridgeway.

Hermitage – Craig Belko, Carlee Benedict, James Bianco, Madison Mild, Taylor Rose, Kayla Stockton, and Nicole Winslow.

Jamestown – Clare Redick and Hannah Redick.

Mercer – Marah Buchanan, Lucas Campbell, Stephanie Foulk, Justin Reno, and Sage Smith.

New Wilmington – Severio Costello, Megan Gearhart, Gia Gregory, Danielle Pagley, Madison Pitzer, and Luke Shah.

Pulaski – Katelyn Barnhart and Amanda Taylor.

Sharon – Kyler Mannion.

Sharpsville – Amber Horton and Savannah Sagenich.

Transfer – Meghan Boland.

West Middlesex – Darby Allen, Isaiah Asche, and Breanna Weilacker

Dean’s List:

Farrell – Lashelle Platteborze.

Greenville – Bradley Molnar and Khendra Pauchfenton.

Grove City – Carter Spatara andAnna Wolinski.

Harrisville – Alexandra Gray.

Hermitage – Corey Blair, Kyra Costar, Max Feeney, Bhakti Raj, Dean Rihel, Natalie Socie-Croyle, and Caine Williams.

Jackson Center – Sabrina Moreton.

Mercer – Preston Hoover, Kylie Patterson, and Kyle Ricketts.

New Wilmington – Martin Erson and Benjamin Robb.

Sandy Lake – Alexis Harlow.

Sharon – Lydia Connelly.

Sharpsville – Alexis Pistorius.

Volant – Alexis Folk.

West Middlesex – Theresa Davis and Hayleigh Hines.