Girl Scouts enjoy Trefoil Trails Day Camp

Girl Scout Trefoil Trails Day Camp took place June 10 to 14 at Sharpsville Elementary School. The camp hosted more than 75 girls and 40 volunteers. This year the girls celebrated the passage of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote.

Among the special guest speakers was the League of Women Voters. The League met with the Daisy and Brownie units. They read a book about voting to the girls and discussed the suffragette movement. The League also shared with the girls how women won the right to vote. Margaret Lucas also spoke to the Daisy and Brownie units. She shared with them the process of running for office. On Friday, Rebekah Leise, the Mercer County Dairy Princess, visited camp and gave a presentation about her role in the community. She shared an important message with the scouts, “from the dairy to you, milk goes through strict quality controls to ensure freshness, purity and great taste.”

Judge Mary A. Odem was also an invited speaker. She shared her experience as a judge to the Juniors and Cadettes. She answered questions about how she became a judge and how the court system works. She passed out to the girls a booklet on the U.S. Constitution. The girls then asked Judge Odem to sign their copies and several were so inspired by Judge Odem that they want to be judges now.

In addition to guest speakers, the girls participated in several outdoor activities. Sandy’s Place provided environmental activities. The girls did archery and sling shots. They traveled to Jefferson Township Park where they hiked, learned about starting a fire, collected edible and medicinal plants and looked for animal homes.

Melanie Haggard headed crafts and organized the camp community service project. She taught the girls how to make jump ropes and thaumatropes. The items will be sent to Operation Christmas Child to be distributed.

Each unit at camp focused on famous American women and their contributions to society. They learned about Rachel Carson, Ida B. Wells, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, to name a few. The girls then created posters for a Girl Power Hall of Fame and made crafts reflecting what they had learned.

The week ended with a Women’s Rights March into the gym. The girls then performed skits and songs that they learned throughout the week.

Info: If your daughter would like to join Girl Scouts, please contact Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania.